CSCOPE Performance Indicator #1

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Revision March 03, 2013

While Texas politicians have made public claims that CSCOPE has been banished from Texas Schools, it is not true. Instead, deals were made with a collaborative made up of the 20 Texas Educational Service Centers. Thinking this collaborative to be trustworthy, Senator Dan Patrick agreed to help postpone the scheduled evaluation of these 20 service centers. In exchange CSCOPE would be eliminated. Patrick failed to read the agreement drawn up by the CSCOPE collaborative and not being as familiar with the terms used to confuse and mislead parents and the general public, Patrick was scammed. Must admit that it was the senators own fault for not taking the time to read and have the agreement studied by more learned educators.

Senator Patrick made a big production out of announcing that CSCOPE was gone for ever and he was responsible. He was correct on one part–He was responsible for delaying any evaluation of the 20 ESCs, which gives them longer to figure out how to explain where all the money went. It gives them several years to think about explaining about the $200 Million Dollars that TEA gave to the 20 ESCs to prepare TEKS professional development materials and workshops for teachers. The 20 ESCs prepared CSCOPE materials instead and sold this material to Texas schools. So where is the $200 million dollars? The ESCs receive many times this amount each year and provide very few free services. What are they doing with all this money?

The ESCs are vendors with  employees paid with Texas Tax Money and the products being sold is purchased with Texas Tax Money. A bit of “Double -Dipping.” But to really add the icing to the cake, The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is now –not just suggesting, but MANDATING that PEG school (schools that have not passed the STAAR tests) purchase the CSCOPE/TEKS Resource Managing System and assessments. 

Since TEA mandates that some school purchase CSCOPE/TEKS RS materials and some of the members of the State Board of Education promote CSCOPE/TEKS RS is it correct to say that The ESCS have a monopoly on Educational Managing Systems in Texas.

TEA Marlin Improvement Plan 2012-2013 CSCOPE Mandated
I have been involved with the Texas Education Service Centers since 1975. When the ESCs provided a service to school districts they were not allowed to sell products. Now that they sell products they no longer provide services. They are too busy promoting and selling products as well as their services.

Region 12 Service Center Building
Who We Are: We are a nonprofit service organization devoted to supporting educators and school personnel in their efforts to increase student achievement.

While this was the original objective, the ESCs now are more devoted to selling products and even their services.

What We Do: We provide cost-effective professional development opportunities, expert assistance, direct services and alternative certifications to educators and school personnel. 

There is nothing cost-effective about anything provided by the ESCs. Tax payers are paying and paying and paying. First they pay the salaries as well as provide a workplace  for the employees. These employees develop and sell product to school districts –again more money from tax payers. School Districts in Texas would have more money to purchase quality instruction materials if the STATE would shut down the 20 ESCs and divide the money that pours into these agencies between the school districts. Poor schools in each of the region districts would be a lot richer.  Since low achieving schools receive a lot of grant money, the ESCs have been known to charge these schools higher fees for the same service. Fact that has been reported to the Lt. governor. Thought the public should know how unethical the ESCs are.

Expert Assistance—UUM! While it is known that superintendents who have been dismissed because of being incompetent are hired by the ESCs, these superintendents never have negative reviews on their records. The school districts just buy out their contracts to get rid of them and they are then able to be hired by another school district. TASA and TASB help place administrators. By the way, our Texas School Administrators and school board members use our school taxes to pay their personal membership fees
to TASA and TASB as well as the TASA/TASB conventions.

Alternate Certification for Teachers, Principals, and Superintendents—Of course the ESCs offer this service. The ESCs charge a lot of money for the training –but are the trainers certified to train? Since the ESCs govern themselves they can do what ever they want to. The question that now must be asked is–where did you get your certification. The ESCs even train school board members. First rule is to vote in a superintendent and then go play golf. Just rubber stamp what the superintendent wants. In PEG schools, everyone just says yes to list of mandated requirement of the TEA conservator.

Will someone tell Senator Dan Patrick that CSCOPE is very much alive and well in TEXAS Schools.

The 20 ESCs gave the CSCOPE lessons to schools who were paying for them. Now these schools can continue to pay the ESCs the same amount of money for—What exactly are school paying for? A better question is why are they buying anything for the ESC? OH! I forgot, TEA is ordering some of the TEXAS schools to purchase what is now called, CSCOPE/TEKS Resource Managing System. Thus, TEA supports  the ESCs in their maintaining a monolopy of Instructional Managing Systems in Texas.

Without the CSCOPE lessons, the CSCOPE /TEKS Resource Managing System Vendors (20 ESCs) are exas State Agencies) are selling the CSCOPE/TEKS Resource  Managing System. This contains the CSCOPE curriculum (VADs, IFDs, YAGs, TEKS verification chart) and CSCOPE Assessments. The only difference is there has been a name change.

The CSCOPE assessments are  worse than the lessons. The Performance Indicators have little to nothing to do with aligning with the states Science Inquiry Performance TEKS. Instead, the CSCOPE performance indicators are basically papers folded to form trifolds, posters, and paper charts called organizers. 

I need your comments –(Positive and Negative ) about the following Performance Indicator that is used to evaluate a students mastery of the TEKS listed. Note the TEKS are listed and refer to students Demonstrating–actually doing a hands-on science investigation.  At the end of this page is the description given by CSCOPE of the objectives of using Performance Indicators. 


CSCOPE Science Performance Indicator for 5th Grade)
Demonstrate knowledge of safe practices, including wearing safety goggles and gloves, washing hands, and using materials appropriately, by: explaining, in a student science notebook, the class safety rules for investigations. (5.1A; 5.4A, 5.4B) 3H; 5G (TEKS listed below)[Note: Students during the 3-day CSCOPE lesson never performed a science investigation. ]
Explaining is not a science performance–One has to perform a science investigation to satisfy the Science Process TEKS.

Scientific Process TEKS: (NOTE: 40% of Science STAAR tests assess understanding of these TEKS)

5.1 Scientific investigation and reasoning. The student conducts classroom and outdoor investigations following home and school safety procedures and environmentally appropriate and ethical practices. The student is expected to:

5.1A Demonstrate safe practices and the use of safety equipment as described in the Texas Safety Standards during classroom and outdoor investigations.

5.4 Scientific investigation and reasoning. The student knows how to use a variety of tools and methods to conduct science inquiry. The student is expected to:

5.4A Collect, record, and analyze information using tools, including calculators, microscopes, cameras, computers, hand lenses, metric rulers, Celsius thermometers, prisms, mirrors, pan balances, triple beam balances, spring scales, graduated cylinders, beakers, hot plates, meter sticks, magnets, collecting nets, and notebooks; timing devices, including clocks and stopwatches; and materials to support observations of habitats or organisms such as terrariums and aquariums.

Note: The CSCOPE IFD (Information Focus Document ) has all tools marked out except a notebook, which is not a tool that cannot be used to fullfill the objective of this Science Process TEKS.

5.4B Use safety equipment, including safety goggles and gloves.


 Description of CSCOPE Performance Indicators
CSCOPE Performance Indicators are evidence of student attainment of, and/or progression toward an identified standard(s).

District leaders use the Performance Indicators to:

Create a full performance continuum
Ensure that student learning is assessed before, during, and after instruction
Campus leaders use the Performance Indicators to:
Determine levels of student attainment of the standards
Lead conversations about how student mastery of the standards will be evaluated through the performance indicators
Organize systems of support in intervention for students.
Teachers use the Performance Indicators to:
Develop a depth of understanding of how the performance indicators will measure student learning of the bundled standards
Determine level of student attainment of the standards
Determine which students need additional instruction or intervention


This CSCOPE performance indicator cannot be used to evaluate if students have mastered the standards listed. The 3-days on safety did not include any investigations. Students copied rules, pasted rules, drew pictures about rules in their science notebook. Once the students put goggles on and discussed them but this was not done as part of a science investigation.  JVC

Teacher that taught 5th grade CSCOPE Science

The TEKS States:
5.1A Demonstrate safe practices and the use of safety equipment as described in the Texas Safety Standards during classroom and outdoor investigations.

The Performance Indicator States:
Demonstrate knowledge of safe practices, including wearing safety goggles and gloves, washing hands, and using materials appropriately, by: explaining, in a student science notebook, the class safety rules for investigations.

By adding “knowledge of” the INTENTION of the TEKS is not being met.  You can write in a journal to exhibit knowledge of something, however, the original TEKS is written in such a way as to warrant actually DOING, which in science involves hands-on investigating. 

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