CSCOPE Blamed for STAAR Scores

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CSCOPE Curriculum is much like an organism with deadly tentacles wrapped around the Texas Tree of Education.To the Texas Commissioner of Education, Michael Williams

Commissioner Williams,

You have not responded to any cries for help to save Texas Education from the destructive CSCOPE tentacles. Instead, you embraced the ESCs, the groups who deceptively dispersed the CSCOPE lessons after being forbidden to sell or even have copies in their possession.

Where were you during the Senate Education Committee  CSCOPE Hearings?

When called to explain why Texas education is floundering under your direction, you said, Texas students are not ready to be graded by higher standards because the instruction they are receiving in core subjects is not up to the rigorous level of questioning on the STAAR.

Our instruction has not yet risen to the level it needs to be…We haven’t jumped high enough in the classroom.”

Let’s think about this statement. Teachers provide the instructions, but they are forced to use the CSCOPE/TRS instructional material created and sold by the Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs).

Who allows the ESCs to sell poor quality instructional material to Texas Schools?
Why are school administrators buying CSCOPE/TRS instructional material?
What part does TEA have in schools using CSCOPE/TRS instructional material?

Commissioner Williams, you are at fault for allowing the ESCs to have such control over what is being taught in our Texas public schools. But, there is enough blame to go around. All the Texas educational agencies have made little to no effort to stop the ESCs. Stop the money to the ESCs and you will have back the reins to Texas Education.

The following was written and published, yet you continued to support the ESCs and their destructive instructional materials. The Texas teacher describes the strangling effects of the CSCOPE/TRS programs you allow to be sold to Texas Schools. Commissioner Williams, you are head of Texas Education, yet you allow the ESCs to control what is being taught in our Texas classrooms. WHY?

Written by a Texas teacher — how she really feels about CSCOPE:

We’re going to be gifted with a transformed educational system (CSCOPE) that we are forced to accept without review, and demonized if we ask questions, which purportedly solves all problems with the big nasty STAAR test while helping keep every Texas student on the same question at the same time even though we know that sounds like “mind-control” without asking local teachers and parents to review or comment on it before purchase, but…….

 — requiring teachers, after purchase, to sign a gag order while constantly being intimidated with unannounced three-minute classroom walk-throughs and hints of impending unemployment if they are not “team players”

  — teachers asked to do all the editing work of “fixing” CSCOPE and make constructive suggestions while threatening teachers with criminal prosecution if they reveal the factual errors, grammar errors, or indoctrinating lessons to anyone who does not have a password for a program that is….. 

  — written by curriculum experts and teachers from across the State of Texas whose names and credentials have disappeared 

 — based on Progressive radical ideas of social constructivism (a.k.a., socialism, Marxism and humanism) that is indoctrinating our children with liberal ideas sprinkled with anti-Christian, anti-American, pro-Islamic lessons while…..

 — purchased by local school boards after being given a glorified promise by CSCOPE of the best research practices even though the listed experts (all liberal or radical) on which this program is based are either dead or haven’t been in the classroom eons 

 — but [school boards] who believe we should……

 — remove textbooks because they are so old fashioned and costly while killing thousands of trees to provide paper for the stupid cut-and-paste activities for students who are too old for cut-and-paste

 — passed, accepted, and bought by school board members who were sold snake oil in a pretty package of fear and guilt

 — designed, promoted, and crammed down our throats by superintendents who are members of an organization (TASB and TASA) that wants maximum control while asking for guidance from liberals such as Linda Darling-Hammond, whose school failed and closed because her concepts just did not work

 — but promoted by TESCCC, a government agency deemed as a non-profit and run by directors, (who license the program to themselves when they switch from sellers to buyers) without allowing open bids for the service that they in turn sell to the local schools for an inconsistent price

TESCCC was determined to be an illegally formed company by the ESCs. NOTHING was done to the ESC directors who created this “shell” company that had no address, no employees, no nothing, just a name used for a “non-profit” company. WHY?

 — while raking in millions of dollars but reporting to the State Board of Education members that they make no profit, have no employees, and that their greatest expense is travel while promoting the efficiency of technology which eliminates the need to travel to transfer information

 — circumventing scrutiny by the Texas Legislature, the State Board of Education, The Texas Governor’s office, or the Commissioner of Education

This can only happen when the Commissioner of Education is allowing it. After all, the CSCOPE materials were implemented into more than 80% of Texas Schools.

 — because this product and service built around Agenda 21 ideas are guaranteed to be the best thing out there and competitors would want it if they saw all of it.

 — so, we should shut up when our children have no homework, no textbooks, and limited reading or resource material

— but report to us that they are given answers ahead of schedule to repeated, failed tests because the tests are on stuff they have not been taught

— thereby confusing and stressing students who don’t know how to sound out words, their basic math facts, grammar rules, or vocabulary but have just been taught that if they will delay effort someone will cheat for them.

 “CSCOPE/TESCCC, you say we should trust you to know what is best for our children.”

 “I don’t think so.” 

“We are Texans, and we don’t cotton to hurting children…or being lied to.”



 1.31.13 — “Most Amazing Senate Ed. Hearing Ever — CSCOPE” — by Donna Garner



1.31.13 – “Senate panel airs complaints about controversial curriculum” – Austin AmericanStatesman —

 Donna Garner

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  1. Texas Schools Are Failing Because:

    1. Teachers are not being allowed to adjust the materials or activities to meet the unique needs of different classes and students. One-size does not fit all-but is all that is allowed. The philosophy behind CSCOPE and Common Core is to make everyone the same. They do this by monitoring teachers to make sure that they are on the same lesson and on the same page at the same time. (If a teacher varies, they are reprimanded or written up for not being a team player)
    2. Materials are not vetted and resourced as expert-based truths or formatted in age-appropriate presentation. Opinions are honored over facts. It is harder to answer a question that is based on opinion or subject to a certain perspective. If one does not match opinions or perspectives they lose points or graded down.
    3. The STAAR is written to set students up to fail. The Readability level of 2014 3rd Grade Math Test proves this. Over 70% of the math questions are written in language for Junior High and High School Levels. Remember this test is for measuring the mathematical knowledge and skills of 3rd graders. It is not a language test. NO ONE IS MONITORING/SCREENING THE STAAR. THIS IS THE JOB OF TEA.
    4. Authority/Experts have been removed from the educational process. With the removal of expert-based textbooks; expert teachers neutralized, and parental review powers circumvented- we have a substandard system.
    Do not trust anyone who uses the term “Rigor.” It is misleading and meant to be. Confusion is NOT RIGOR. Opinion over fact is NOT RIGOR. Collective over individual is NOT RIGOR. Cut and paste over textbooks is NOT RIGOR. Fuzzy math over mastered algorithms is NOT RIGOR.
    A Test designed to make children fail is NOT RIGOR.

    TRUE TEXANS know TRUE RIGOR. It is a part of our heritage.