Common Core in Texas Schools

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Yes, Governor Perry has mandated that common core not be implemented in Texas schools. So What? Did he say what he would do if schools implemented Common Core? NO!

One thing that I’ve learned about politics is that politicians will say or do most anything to get elected. Don’t be fooled by rules and codes etc.. if no   consequences are clearly described. For example, there is a rule, code or what ever that states that lobbyists may not be a member on the State Board of Education.  Thomas Ratliff is a lobbyist for Microsoft and is a member of the SBOE because there is no stated consequence.  The same is true with many education bills, such as the one that says that school administrators are responsible for providing instruction materials that meet the TEKS standards. I’ve discovered that this cannot be enforced because there is no way to evaluate the materials, and there are no consequences given if one could prove the material doesn’t meet the standards.

How CSCOPE/TRS and Common Core Are Alike

1. Both CSCOPE/TRS have the same Research Base.

Robert Marzano shows schools how to implement common core.
If schools are using any Marzano programs they are using Common Core instruction materials.

Linda Darling-Hammond promotes constructivism/progressive education–Ms. Hammond was instrumental in writing the common core standards.

2. The objective of both CSCOPE/TRS and Common Core are for every school to be teaching the same thing. In other words, a student in the fifth grade in Dallas could transfer to a school in El Paso and be on the same page in each class.

This is what is being called equality of education. In other words, all students are taught the same thing on the same day. With the inclusion of students of different ability levels in each class, where do you think the bar is being set? High enough to challenge gifted students? Low enough for learning disabled students to be successful? CSCOPE/TRS and Common Core have both lowered the education bar to meet “No Child Left Behind” and “Race to the Top” cliches coined by some staff personel and promoted by two presidents who do not have a clue about education.

How about an education program that provides EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES for students to be educated at their own ability level.

CSCOPE now is called TEKS Resource System ( TRS). The CSCOPE/TRS instructional materials parallel the COMMON CORE instruction materials.

Linda Darling-Hammond is listed as one of CSCOPE's Professional Develoment Researchers.Sadly, Senator Patrick has deceived many Texans about CSCOPE being gone.


Again, if your school is implementing TRS sold by the 20 Education Service Centers, your school has implemented instructional materials comparable to Common Core.

If your school has implemented Robert Marzano’s programs, your school has implemented instruction materials aligned with Common Core. Marzano promotes Common Core.


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  1. So now what can the parents do about it? How can we get common core (aka CSCOPE, aka TEKS) out of our schools? I am dealing with it now in the Tomball school district in my sons first grade math and science. Would love to know what I can do to help or what I can do to initiate a challenge.

  2. How do we figure out if our district is using TRS or Marzano’s programs?

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      I am preparing a list to publish, but you should be able to find them here:

      • That link you shared isn’t available. Is there a new list we could download? If not, is there a website where we can find the list of schools that have implemented these standards?