Commissioner Williams Blamed

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Texas Commissioner of Education, Michael Williams has done little……

–to nothing different than his predecessor, Robert Scott.

Both Williams and Scott  allowed the 20 over funded Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) to control the instruction materials used in Texas Core subjects.Teachers are Asked to Jump Higher

The Texas Senate Education Committee ask Commissioner Williams about the ever lowering of the Texas education bar, Williams said,

Texas students are not ready to be graded by higher standards because the instruction they are receiving in core subjects is not up to the rigorous level of questioning on the STAAR.

Our instruction has not yet risen to the level it needs to be…We haven’t jumped high enough in the classroom.”

It is OLD News that Texas students are receiving low level instructions. The low level instruction material called CSCOPE has been used in more than 80% of the Texas classrooms since 2006. The Senate Ed. Committee knows all about CSCOPE because of the testimony given to them during the CSCOPE hearings. Where was the Commissioner of Education during these CSCOPE hearings? The ESCs are still selling their low-level materials and students are still performing at low levels. DUH!

Ms. Mac has a more detailed description of the hurdles that Texas teachers must jump over in order to teach. Commissioner Williams, you sir are the reason that Texas children are not being educated.

 Texas Schools Are Failing Because:

1. Teachers are not being allowed to adjust the materials or activities to meet the unique needs of different classes and students.

One-size does not fit all-but is all that is allowed.

The philosophy behind CSCOPE and Common Core is to make everyone the same. They do this by monitoring teachers to make sure that they are on the same lesson and on the same page at the same time. (If a teacher varies, they are reprimanded or written up for not being a team player)

2. Materials are not vetted and resourced as expert-based truths or formatted in age-appropriate presentation. Opinions are honored over facts. It is harder to answer a question that is based on opinion or subject to a certain perspective. If one does not match opinions or perspectives they lose points or graded down.

3. The STAAR is written to set students up to fail.
The Readability level of 2014 3rd Grade Math Test proves this.

Over 70% of the math questions are written in language for Junior High and High School Levels. Remember this test is for measuring the mathematical knowledge and skills of 3rd graders. It is not a language test. NO ONE IS MONITORING/SCREENING THE STAAR. THIS IS THE JOB OF TEA.

4. Authority/Experts have been removed from the educational process. With the removal of expert-based textbooks; expert teachers neutralized, and parental review powers circumvented- we have a substandard system.

Do not trust anyone who uses the term “Rigor.” It is misleading and meant to be.

  • Confusion is NOT RIGOR.
  • Opinion over fact is NOT RIGOR.
  • Collective over individual is NOT RIGOR.
  • Cut and paste over textbooks is NOT RIGOR.
  • Fuzzy math over mastered algorithms is NOT RIGOR.
  • A Test designed to make children fail is NOT RIGOR.

TRUE TEXANS know TRUE RIGOR. It is a part of our heritage.

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