Clueless Texas Legislatures

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Clueless Frog is much like the Texas Cluesless legislatures making education decisions. In her blog, Diane Ravitch said,

“Over the past 20-30 years, Texas became drunk on testing.”

“The lobbyists for Pearson Publishing–headed by Sandy Kress, the architect of NCLB (No Child Left Behind)–made sure that Pearson won a five-year contract with Texas for nearly $500 million in 2011 at the same time that the legislature striped away $5.4 Billion from the public schools.”

What has happened to our Texas Legislatures? Why did they pass a bill allowing school districts to purchase anything to be used as instruction materials?

Texas students do not have textbooks to study for the rigorous state tests. Why? YEP! Texas legislatures passed a bill.

Our Texas legislatures have cut money to public schools and given away money to a foreign based publisher, Pearson Publishing, to create rigorous STAAR/EOC tests.

The Texas Legislatures seems Clueless about education.

The Texas legislatures have cut school funding, cut out textbooks, and funded more rigorous tests to improve Texas education. DUH!

Even a frog would question this logic!

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