Can Texas 5th Graders Read?

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TEA Celebrates–80% of Texas 5th graders passed the STAAR Reading Test

TEA failed to report that the passing score for the 5th grade STAAR Reading test was only 54%. Thus, 20% of Texas 5th graders made less than 54% on the test.

Parents, don’t let your school administration pacify you with passing grade percentages. While high passing percentages sound wonderful, there is nothing much to celebrate if the passing score is only 54%.

The truth is that most would like the passing scores on the STAAR/EOC tests to be as low as possible. This is because these tests are being used to fail students no matter the grades they have earned during the school year. How fair is a 5th grade reading tests that takes kids 4 hours to take? NO ELEMENTARY STUDENT should be forced to take any test that is longer than one class period.

What is wrong with TEA, the Texas Commissioner of Education and every Texas School superintendent and school board? Texas children are being cheated out of a quality education while all of you are playing around with ways to add technology –after all this is the 21st Century.

WAKE UP! Our students can tweet and text but cannot read and write.
WAKE UP! Technology is a tool –a machine to help but not replace traditional education. Even students are spouting the lie that “old teachers” have old fashion ideas. Old, being anyone that doesn’t want students tweeting and texting during class.
WAKE UP! The ESCs and TASA’s Vision Learning Reform is common core in a different wrapper.
WAKE UP! The 21st Century Vision Learning and TRS curriculum are all about technology because there is big money financing this—Bill Gates is pouring money into this movement. Thomas Ratliff is a lobbyists for GATES and you allow him to be on the State Board of Education. Texas Education was once a standard for other states. The US was once the place to educate children it is now 31st —–this was reported on the national news.

WAKE UP! Pray that we do not loose all of our traditional teachers. Beg some of them to return and teach our children how to read, write and do math.

Parents how well can your children read and write?

Calculating STAAR Percent Raw Score Grades

Don’t be satisfied with STAAR/EOC passing percentages. Find out for yourself what the STAAR/EOC scores really mean.

1. Find the testing year on the TEA website. The link is below. Click on the year you want.

2. The example used is the 5th grade STAAR 2014 reading test.


The Scale Score Benchmarks for every STAAR/EOC tests were determined the first year these tests were given. These benchmark scores do not change from year to year. TEA manipulates the scale scores between the benchmarks after student tests have been graded. In other words, TEA decides on the number of correct answers that is needed to pass after tests are graded. This will be better understood after you read the following information.

5th grade 2014 STAAR Reading Raw Score Conversion Table

5th grade 2014 reading raw score percentNotice that the raw scores for STAAR 2012 are the same as for 2014. In 2013 it takes 26 correct answers (57%) to pass the reading STAAR test. According to TEA, keeping the five benchmark scale scores assures consistent assessment of student performance from year to year. The difference in the the raw scores matching the benchmarks depends on how well students do on the test. Test grades are being used to evaluate how difficult the test is. Since a higher raw score is required for 2013, the test is considered easier.

One variable that TEA does not consider is that the
STAAR tests do not fairly assess student ability.
No elementary student should take a test that
exceeds the time of one class period.

Students are threatened all year long that failing the STAAR reading test will fail them for the school year. NO ONE TEST should fail any student for the entire school year. 

5th grade 2012-2013 reading STAAR

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