Black Students are Branded

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The Texas Commissioner of Education is a Black Man

Commissioner of Texas EducationTo the Texas Commissioner of Education:

Commissioner Williams,

Does race  affect student abilities?

Did you get the job of Texas Commissioner of Education because of your race? It does make you the first African American to hold this position. Was this the reason Governor Perry picked you?

Did you receive  all of your awards and prestigious jobs positions because you are black?

Sir, I am asking you these questions because I want you to put a stop  identifying our children by the color of their skin.

I would like  every parent and teacher to advice children to checking OTHER on any form that asks for their race.  This is because they are very special and neither black, white nor  Hispanic describes their abilities.

Commissioner Williams, since the STAAR Test results do not provide information about how to help individual students, why have student names, their race and gender on the test forms? In fact, why give these tests when they provide no feedback to improve education?

Sir, I am asking you to stop labeling our students by the color of their skin. From this day forth, I will encourage everyone to check Other for their race on any form.

Stop Branding our students.

About being African American—if a person is from Africa and becomes an American citizen, the title African American might be applicable. But sadly, our black children are encouraged to call themselves African American instead of being proud of the country they were born in—-America.

Another thing you can change is setting aside one month to study about people with black skin. Since America is a melting pot of many different races with different skin colors, I am asking you to support a bill that designates different months to study about the heritage of all children. Black history month and Cinco de Mayo are ways to segregate our students, when it could be just part of social studies about people of different heritages. I am going to propose this for my local school districts.

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