Abolish ESCs

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CSCOPE is still in Texas School. CSCOPE has been rebranded as TEKS Resource Managing System

The video below gives reasons why the 20 Texas Education Service Centers need to be shut down–abolished.

Published on Mar 25, 2014

CSCOPE is not a medical procedure nor a mouthwash … and World Net Daily Investigative Reporter John Griffing, who helped bring the controversial curriculum’s details to light, talks details with Texas Talk Radio Host Lynn Woolley.

…As is the case in most any scandal, it is a story clouded in secrecy and money.

  [CSCOPE follows the same philosophy of education that the Common Core Standards do.  CSCOPE is the “Texas” version of Common Core Standards.  Common Core Standards are illegal to have in Texas’ public schools according to recently passed legislation — HB 462.  (Please see Facebook posting below.) Therefore, both CSCOPE and Common Core Standards need to be pulled out by the root from our Texas public school districts.  – Donna Garner]

Donna Garner


3.25.14 – Texas Insider with Lynn Woolley and John Griffing — CSCOPE

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