5th Graders Smarter than TEA

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Did Texas 5th graders really score low on the 2013 Science STAAR Test?

Or is it that Texas 5th graders are smarter than the TEA Science STAAR Test Writers?

STAAR Test Question has two answers. I admit that I would have chosen answer B like 71% of Texas 5th graders did when taking the Science STAAR test in April, 2013.

But out of curiosity, I did a bit of research about Fox squirrels and found the following at  Squirrels Are Not Pets

“Young squirrels need to be with other squirrels the first six to eight weeks of life to learn survival skills and
squirrel behavior; after eight weeks they won’t accept other squirrels. A squirrel raised alone has not learned how to fend for itself so it will die if released to the wild. ”

It looks like 27% of Texas 5th graders knew more about squirrels than I did. Our Texas 5th graders  also knew more about squirrels than did the TEA Science Test Writers who approved this question for the 5th grade science 2013 STAAR test.

Of course every educator makes mistakes when writing tests, science lessons, and/or experiments.  But, since STAAR Test Scores  become part of a students LIFE TIME RECORD–courtesy of Texas DATA Collectors.

TEA doesn’t take  reported errors on the STAAR test seriously unless they are barraged with calls and emails.

Once you have satisfied yourself that there are two answers to this question, A and B, please contact the TEA Assessment Group and Report that Question #13 on the 2013 5th grade science STAAR Test has two answers.

Point out that the scores of 84,926 students who chose answer A need to be adjusted. Without your help, these students will not be given the points they earned.

You can also point out that this question does not describe an investigation, thus science process skills TEKS 5.2D is not represented.


Gloria Zyskowski TEA Assessments

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