Who Designed Texas Education?

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Dr, Seuss Texas EducationI think it was a What. I doubt that it was a Who and certainly not a Diffendoofer. 

Read the following from a Dr. Seuss book and decide for yourself if it describes Texas Education.

“All schools for miles and miles around must take a special test,
To see who’s such and such, to see which school’s the best
If our small school does not do well, then it will be torn down,
And you will have to go to school in dreary Flobbertown.
Not Flobbertown! We shouted, and we shuddered at the name
For everyone in Flobbertown does everything the same. “

Only a What could come up with such a terrible way to educate children.

Whos are much more cheery and would not want to threaten children.

But Whats like to feel powerful and in control.

On second thought, a decendent of Maywho could have designed the plan that takes the fun out of school.

I am glad that Diffendoofers had something to celebrate. 

Kids in Marlin are not celebrating, instead they are waiting to see if they have to go to Flobbertown.

Little do the Marlin kids know that a What has a new plan for them.

Oh My! The What’s plan is much worse than being bussed to Flobbertown.


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