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Mary Ann Whiteker

Hudson ISD Superintendent has provided an example TWEET to show why public schools should not implement social media for students. 

Using Mary Ann Whiteker’s (MAW’s) TWEET below, the following questions can be answered.

1. Who is speaking?
Mary Ann Whiteker

2. What is the overview objective of the TWEET?
Mary Ann Whiteker is upset with @gingerdr and has sent the “tweet” to let @gingerdr know about it.

3. Why is Mary Ann Whiteker (MAW)  upset?
MAW says that @gingerdr has done something resulting in a loss of millions of tax dollars.

4. What has @gingerdr done?
MAW says that @gingerdr launched a vicious attack against educators.
According to MAW, the vicious attack was based on inaccuracies created by @gingerdr.
MAW was specific that the vicious attack launched by @gingerdr was against dedicated educators. (Are some educators not dedicated? But it depends on what they are dedicated to.)

This One TWEET  provides a lot of information, but not enough to understand what MAW is talking about, nor if any part of it is true.

Since TWEETS can be read by any and everyone, others reading this TWEET may not know Mary Ann Whiteker or @gingerdr, but their Twitter addresses are given. Thus, anyone can join in on this exchange.  TWITTER can be much like an online “soap opera” without any directors or any control over what is said or who is responding.

Let’s change the setting and characters. Pretend that MAW  and @gingerdr are high school students. MAW’s statement to @gingerdr refers to something MAW thinks @gingerdr  has done–maybe flirted with MAW’s boyfriend. MAW didn’t see this happen. MAW doesn’t really know the person that originally tweeted that it happened. And on and on it goes. Or let it be two teen boys exchanging rude, insulting tweets. 

Could either of these scenarios escalate to violence?
Could tweeting be used to bully kids at school?  Tease? Harass?

Could someone outside the school join in?
Could tweeting put students at risk for being contacted by sexual offenders?’

What advantages do social media have that outweighs the safety of public school children?


But back to Mary Ann Whiteker’s TWEET. Ms. Whiteker is the Superintendent of Hudson ISD and  obviously is upset.
Since @gingerdr is my daughter, I will be contacting her to find out what this is all about. I will be asking Ms. Whiteker and @gingerdr the following. 

1.  Is there a copy of the inaccuracies?
2. Who are the dedicated educators?
3. Please identify the link between the attack and the loss of tax dollars.
4. Please describe the vicious attack.

Superintendent Whiteker's Tweet

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