Where is the Money:Transition-3

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Disappearing ActThe ESCs misuse grant money

This power point slide sums up the arrogance of the 20 ESCs. These 20 education agencies have been allowed to do what ever they want to for so long that they gave no thought to “pocketing” the millions of dollars that legislature 81 provided for the developement of FREE!!!! transition materials and academies for Math, Science, Social Studies and ELAR TEKS.

Did the ESCs recognize just how important the assignment was?

YES! Notice that the following power point slide for an administrators training sessions points out that teacher attendance for the CSCOPE Transition Training is CRITICAL.


The 20 ESCs admitted that they made no effort to announce the FREE! Rider 42 PD TEKS transition academies.

Was it that the 20 ESCs did not consider what they produced important?

Why did the ESCs consider the CSCOPE transition materials critical?

Did the ESCs produce mediocre to poor quality Rider 42 TEKS Transition Academies because they were working on the CSCOPE Transition Materials?

What about all the Texas Educators who do not work in a CSCOPE school? The ESCs took grant money and failed to prepare quality materials for this group.
In fact, even the CSCOPE teachers got short changed and their school paid for the CSCOPE transition materials.



CSCOPE Science Transformation teacher participation critical 2010

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