What is Behind CSCOPE?

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CSCOPE is an instructional material that is being used in about 80% of Texas Public School Districts.
Cscope Wizard of Oz

Did you know that parents have not been allowed to view the CSCOPE lessons?

Did you know that students in CSCOPE schools do not have math and science books? Using text books according to those supporting CSCOPE is old school. The 21st Century method is to use the internet. YEP! Even Kinder kids are to find materials on the internet.

CSCOPE has been reviewed by the Texas Senate Education Committee. According to Senator Patrick, “CSCOPE is a real mess and if it were an airplane it would be grounded.”

Unfortunately, CSCOPE is not an airplane. Instead it is an instruction material that is teaching our children not to respect our American patriots. It is teaching incorrect facts, and since CSCOPE has plagiarized lessons and they are still being used, what is this teaching our students?

Texas Trash Talk is doing a Two Part Article revealing what is behind CSCOPE.

Colleen Vera

  What’s Behind the CSCOPE Curtain Part II


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  1. william harris says:

    what can be done now and what is being done now if anything? i would love tro be a part of anything being done.please e. mail me as soon as possible!,william harris.

  2. Obama is purposely destroying every aspect of our country. We the People want to see elected leaders represent us by standing up to and trying to stop the destruction of the Government Gone Wild Obama Administration. I don’t want to live under Obama the Dictator King who wants to deem me a terrorist because I cling to my Bible and Jude-Christian faith and the First and Second Amendments…the Bill of Rights…rights given to me by God not by man. I have the right to defend myself against a tyrannical dictatorship government who is trying to implement Communism married with Islamic Supremacism. Obama wants to kill American citizens on American soil with drones in violation of the Constitution. He wants to be judge, jury, and executioner. Obama Administration is doing what Hitler did in grabbing the power to deem people “”mentally fit or not” and then able to have them removed from society. I am (and my family is) the kind of person his Administration will come after first. He says the future does not belong to me because I insult the prophet of Islam because Islamic Supremacism has a history of doing evil and killing people like me who believe in the BIble…who are Jews and Judeo-Christians. Obama is ruining our military defense on purpose and leaving all of us vulnerable and in danger. He is purposely ruining our economy so we will collapse and, subsequently, he can get his brothers, the richest on the planet…the Saudis, the Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Supremacists, to bail us out and we will have to sign our lives over the Islamic Sharia Finance Law Compliant Banking money. That is the “Mark of the Beast”. It’s all being done with the help of his extended campaign staff, which is the liberal mainstream media and Hollywood and the Dept of Education, that only brainwashes our kids into Communist/Islamic Supremacist, anti-American worldview. See the evil CSCOPE curriculum being taught to our kids as part of the evil Agenda 21 http://www.txcscopereview.com/2012/sustainable-development/

  3. Richard W. says:

    Thank you for this informative site. Our children attend a private Christian academy in Texas. However, they only teach K-6 & is costly. We are a very middle-class family & really have to budget to keep them there. We have one more year & then public school looks to be our only option. My wife & I both must work, so we can’t homeschool…or we would. Recently, thanks to a cousin of mine in Austin, I received word of the CSCOPE cirriculum. So, I began to investigate it. Thanks to this site, we are looking for a town that doesn’t teach this trash. I believe we have found one. They are not listed on this site. I called & spoke to the superintendent’s secretary today & asked her if they used the cirriculum? She told me that they did not. She sounded like she was trying to be quiet while she was answering my questions about CSCOPE & seemed hesitant to discuss it. Anyway, a question that I have is, what more can I do to insure that she was completely being honest with me? And, if she was, what do I need to be doing to stand against the CSCOPE cirriculum from eventually being implemented into that district once we move there?
    Thank You.

  4. Thelma Parker says:

    I am so upset that this is being taught in our schools. My youngest graduated in 2006 I’m glad this was not around. The school would have had one mad mother to contain! We have enough problems with liberal schools as it is.