Unanswered CSCOPE Questions

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“7 Questions Left Unanswered by CSCOPE”

by Mary McGarr  (Mary served as a Katy ISD school board member from 1991-1996. She is brilliant and has the ability to delve very deeply into convoluted education organizations such as CSCOPE/TESCCC.)


Here are seven important issues that Mary believes deserve to be investigated.  

 1.  The question of the ethics, propriety, and legality of a government funded enterprise, the proceeds from which are undetermined and the specific recipients of this largesse unknown, competing without bids, public scrutiny, or any of those other bothersome procedures for governmental contracts, that competes with the private educational software businesses needs to be addressed.

 2.  Who, EXACTLY, (the name of the person or persons) came up with this scheme?

 3.  Why aren’t we seeing the copyright information on this software product?  (If they have proceeded without one, that is also alarming. If they cannot get a copyright, they shouldn’t be in business.) Whose name(s) are on the copyright?  What is their compensation?  If they are governmental employees, how are they able to obtain an exclusive copyright for work they did while an employee of a government?  Is that legal?  What are the consequences for doing so if it is not legal?

 4.  How was the decision made as to which employees at each of the involved Regional centers would be the ones to make the extra salary and be connected to this project? Are these specific employees receiving any other benefits that we don’t know about? It was determined at the Senate Education Committee hearing that these employees were receiving salary funds from both the Regional Service Centers (the State) as well as from CSCOPE. How is such a maneuver covered under law?  (I bet that’s not in the Texas Education Code!)

 5.  Did Linda Darling-Hammond really write ALL the lesson plans, or might many of those lesson plans be pilfered by CSCOPE from the TEACHERS who wrote them and from whom they were stolen by CSCOPE without recompense?

 6.  Why is the Legislature willing to give this bunch a pass with regard to the FACT that they set this business up ILLEGALLY, are still ILLEGAL, but since it is a fait accompli, it’s somehow OK? The process needs to start over from the beginning.

 7.  Why is no punishment being delivered to those who have already lied, cheated, and bilked the public?  Any other vendor who has acted in this manner would be barred from doing business with the State.

 This bunch, in my opinion, needs to have a restraining order filed against them until all these legal matters are resolved, and that could take YEARS!!!

 Feel free to share.

 Mary McGarr



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  1. Sherry Gregory says:

    Excellent list of questions, many of which I had asked but unable to obtain answers to as well. CSCOPE needs to be removed from our classrooms immediately, and every individual who has been a party, in any manner to this program, should be relieved of their position. SBOE members who have supported this program should be targeted in the next election and removed. I do not have children in school, but the largest amount of taxes I pay are school taxes. Millions of tax dollars wasted, and future citizens/voters dumbed down by the system to be controlled. I really appreciate you, Janice VanCleave, for keeping the public informed. Thank you!