Texas Teachers Connive to Teach

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We have all seen teachers who have gathered up the courage to speak out within the district. Many experienced teachers have resigned over CSCOPE.

One teacher just got fired over speaking out to his local school board.

If you do an internet search for “CSCOPE teacher chat” you will read the anonymous chats by teachers who are forced to use CSCOPE in the classroom. It is very eye-opening.

There is an almost unanimous agreement that teachers plot the times when administrators are not in building to get off the robotic script and to try and teach.

The atmosphere in schools has become oppressive with principals routinely doing unannounced walkthroughs, taking pictures and recording whether or not the teacher is on the CSCOPE lesson of the day.

Some schools have paid monitors to keep teachers in line.

CSCOPE is a management system to monitor teachers. Teachers hate it but they also hate the thought of losing their job. They know it is bad for students but feel mostly powerless to do anything but commiserate with other teachers about how bad it is, which is the usual concensus amongst experienced teachers.

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