Texas Senators to the Rescue

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While senators stand proudly announcing that they are educaton reformers and defenders of education, our children cannot read and write. On Jan. 31, 2013 the Texas Senate Education Committee held a hearing on the instruction material called CSCOPE.

“Committee Chairman Dan Patrick, R-Houston, called it ‘a mess.’ One witness compared the system to “mind control,” and an algebra teacher wept as he described quitting because he felt he was ‘aiding and abetting a crime’ by using CSCOPE in his classroom.

Members of the Senate Education Committee grilled the creators of CSCOPE. Critics of CSCOPE say this instruction material promotes anti-American values, pro-socialist/communist values and stifles classroom flexibility.

CSCOPE workshops for administrators vilifies veteran teachers as being trouble makers. In fact, any teacher who objects to CSCOPE is said to be lazy and not wanting to spend the time to learn a new 21st Century technology teaching philosophy.

Finally, CSCOPE is notifying all participating school districts that lessons are not intended to be taught
verbatim, and the Governing Board generally recommends that local districts utilize CSCOPE lessons solely as
a resource. Until CSCOPE lessons can be reviewed through a collaborative process with the SBOE and
TESCCC, districts are strongly encouraged to review all lessons at the local level, to ensure that lessons are
appropriate for their students.

More politics as usual. Let’s summarize what has happened:

1. According to Senator Patrick, if CSCOPE were an airplane it would not be safe to fly and would be grounded.
But, since it is in 80% of our schools instead of grounding it to keep children safe, it is being left in the schools as a teacher resource. I assume teachers are to spend time separating out the good from the bad.

2. The directors of CSCOPE illegally created a shell company called TESCCC, a company that had no employees, no business address, no telephone, etc….. but since this company is only creating instruction material for Texas school children, it doesn’t matter if unethical business people continue to run the organization. We can spend more Texas tax money to monitor this group that deviously found loop holes to create lessons for our children that no one evaluated so that socialists/communist agenda could be taught. Since the State Comptroller gave the TESCCC a high rating each year for being so economical, they had no fear of advertising that the CSCOPE material is patterned after Marxists and humanists who want to teach children that they do not need some “god.”

We can spend more tax payer’s money trying to totally revise more than 1,600 lessons in subjects for grades K-12. All the while the CSCOPE lessons will be in our schools.

3. Teachers are said not to be under the CSCOPE gag order. But the senate education committee didn’t want to hear testimony that CSCOPE is in our schools because of our school administrators and school board members. These administrators are spending millions of school taxes each year supporting their own personal professional organizations. The number one organizations that are robbing school coffers are TASA and TASB.

So what if teachers are released from the CSCOPE gag order. So what if teachers are free to teach lessons other than CSCOPE. Teachers are still under the same administrators who purchased CSCOPE—sight unseeen. Why did they buy such as ineffective product? Did they take bids? Are they working with TASA to implement common core and turn Texas schools over to the federal government?

Have we so dumbed down education and have so many people on welfare that being controlled by the federal government sounds like a good thing? Hitler would be proud of our education progress.


Here is a note from one of our Texas Teachers.

I would love to petition to stop Cscope, as would MANY of my fellow educators –

but we fear the backlash of being punished or fired.

We are already in a district with serious money issues and a superintendent that would not let a petition like this (from his community) slide.

How would we even approach such an issue, especially if we were passionate about how awful it is for both the teachers and students?

It has created a blocked wall of communication, and I have no where to turn…only to pray someone takes a stand for us.


We have taken the problem to the Senate Education Committee—Is CSCOPE still in our schools? Yes!

Are there changes to be made? Yes.  Who will own CSCOPE after the changes? The same crooks who created it.

I’ve been told that I have to be patient and play the politics game. In other words, wait and wait and wait and forget that the children are being trained to be pacifists, socialists, communists-Islamic—cannot write in script, do not know their multiplication tables—etc—

Parents if you care for your children, stop CSCOPE Immediately. You can do i

Don’t feel smug if your children are not in CSCOPE schools. Its your administrators who have sold out Texas Education.  The president of TASA doesn’t have CSCOPE in his school but he has been in Washington several times this year learning how to turn your school over to the federal government. Why?                        


Flood Senator Patrick’s office with emails, letters, phone calls. Write notes on his facebook page. I am asking that your notes be firm and clean.

Since Senator Patrick described CSCOPE as a mess, as an airplane that needs to be grounded, let him know that you do not want this mess in your school.

Tell Senator Patrick to get CSCOPE out of your school.

Tell Senator Patrick to investigate administrators who purchased CSCOPE and have pledged allegence to TASA to take over Texas schools and implement common core so schools will be under Federal Control.

Tell Senator Patriot, that you would like the money sent to TASA/TASB to be returned to your school district.

Tell Senator Patrick that you want the money spent on CSCOPE return to your school district. Since it was fraudulently taken from your district, it needs to be returned.

Dan Patrick’s Facebook:                https://www.facebook.com/dan.patrick.texas?fref=ts

Tweet Dan Patrick Here:               https://twitter.com/DanPatrick

Call Dan Patrick’s Office Here:    1-512-463-0107




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