Texas Patriots Removing Trash

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Texas Map Don't Mess With TexasGinger Russell reports a Texas Trash Clean Up Day in Austin. A Day to Remember, 01/31/13
Fellow Patriots!
It was a day not to be forgotten. The saddest part of all this is the children that have had to sit under this indoctrination for the last 6-7 years and teachers that have been afraid to speak out in fear of losing their jobs.
Our day began with prayer with Texas House Rep Steve Toth in his office.
The Texas Senate Education Hearing on Cscope led by Senator Dan Patrick could not have gone better. Patrick had the Cscope reps with their tails between their legs by the end of the hearing. Not only were the Cscope Reps slammed on their lesson content, but the fact that they have created a Non- Profit within a State Agency with no transparency to parents or the public was revealed.
Lesson were shown to be incorrect, supported Anti-American propaganda, pro-socialism and communism, pro-Islamic propaganda.
The Senate Hearing is Video Archived Here under 83rd on January 31st.
Texas Tribune Article  (mentions Glenn Beck)
Another Article (Mentions Glenn again)

Here is the AP story from today:



God Bless,


Ginger Russell 

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  1. The following text is a letter that I sent to my Texas senator and Texas representative. Now is not the time to sit idly by hoping for someone else to rid the state of this trash. Stand up and fight for our children’s future!
    I know that your plate is full and there is only so much time we have to implement change during this legislative session. Priorities require that the most important issues are addressed first. Our children are the most important part of our great State’s future. I expect that you have been contacted by your constituents regarding the C-Scope education program. As a former high school biology teacher, I am saddened at what this program is doing to the quality of public education in Texas. This program is currently being used by approximately 875 school districts. This program has employed a stealth like takeover of Texas public education. It is clearly an Agenda 21 driven effort. Please learn all you can about this program. I am confident that you will reach a conclusion that this program must be defunded and rejected. I want to pose this question:
    How much easier would it be to disarm a population that had been indoctrinated by C-Scope than a population that had been taught traditional education with core values consistent with our founding father’s principles? Answer this question after you inform yourself about this program.

  2. Congratulations!! What a great start to ridding Texas of this garbage. Now the rest of the country needs to follow suit and keep on them until all schools have been cleansed!!


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