Teachers Against CSCOPE

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 Texas Teachers Speak Out

Posted 26th March by Jerusalem Prayer Team

Texas school teacher, Mary Bowen, recently responded to a question by Glenn Beck, saying, “The majority of (Texas) teachers feel that CSCOPE provides instruction that is very mediocre.” Both she and Stan Hartzler appeared on Beck’s program to help raise awareness of the creeping changes in Texas schools’ curriculum that:

  • reframe American history,
  • denigrate patriotism,
  • glorify Islam, and
  • portray Christianity as a kind of cult.

Although Hartzler is no longer teaching, both he and Bowen had been required to sign non-disclosure statements about the CSCOPE curriculum. In other words, they were under a gag-order to not discuss the curriculum with anyone, including parents of their students.

Second paragraph, third sentence.
Fifth paragraph: it was the Texas Attorney General who gave the special permission.

According to Dr. Hartzler , “My principal mostly wrote me up for not following CSCOPE as precisely as was wanted, and once or twice for  having a report late, or not using advisory time correctly when an Austin dignitary visited — a common problem at the time.”

Dr. Hartzler also noted that even though under a gag order he was never written up for violating the order. Hartzler said, “Not only did he (principal) not write me up for violating the gag order, he was not aware of my violations, to my knowledge.  I was never hesitant to reveal the issues of CSCOPE to outsiders, but I never did so with a megaphone until November 15.”

November 15, 2012 was the date that Hartzler and Bowen as many others stepped up to the microphone in front of the state board of education’s special education committee on CSCOPE. ESC 13 did send emails to the school staff of both Hartzler and Bowen notifing all that teachers had testified against the CSCOPE curriculum. While their names were not listed, a link to the video of the meeting was provided. ESC13, with the approval of the administration of these two schools were intimidating witnesses making public testimonies. 

Mrs. Bowen said that she feels that the schools “are now more like factories that send children out into the real world from an assembly-line that has not even given them the basics.” Keep in mind that when a curriculum devotes an entire chapter to teaching Islam, something else has to be cut back. In this case, it was Christianity and Judaism, to which only three pages were allocated. She added that “There’s tremendous coercion (on the teachers and students). It’s an incredibly oppressive environment.” 

Bowen also revealed that CSCOPE is part of a federal initiative to “mine” students for data. One out of every five days is spent testing the students, not so much to grade them, but to determine statistical data about what they believe.

Hartzler took the curriculum to task for the standardized tests asking questions that have not been included in the teaching material. He used an illustration of a spelling test where a student is asked to spell a word he or she has never heard or seen. He then pointed out that the illustration was entirely hypothetical because CSOPE does not have a spelling component!


Based on his own research, Beck said that “With just what I have seen, you will not be able to navigate in life, if you come out of a school district that has ‘taught’ you this (CSCOPE).”

It’s important to remember that no one gave the Texas Education Service Centers special permission to circumvent the state board of education and sell their product called CSCOPE to Texas public school districts.

Deception is subtle. The promotion of Islam, the denigration of American patriotism, and the revision of history alone are dangerous for their potential of weakening the ability of the next generation to discern truth from error.

The progressive CSCOPE teaching philosophy doesn’t deal with absolutes. Instead, opinion of the students is by far more important than facts.

This progressive mind set  will ultimately go on to allowing more latitude to the Muslim Brotherhood to gain an even stronger foothold in our culture while weakening young America’s support of Israel as a nation as well as the core Judeo-Christian values upon which this nation was founded.

We would be remiss to not share with you this “covert” battle between the rulers of darkness in high places and to not connect it to its inevitable end of leaving Israel without American support. Our enemy and his forces of evil are attacking Israel and America on all fronts. We need to pray for the peace and security of both countries. We need to pray for both nations to turn to God and call upon Him to restore His glory in us. Please join us as we do
(2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 122:6).

To learn more and to watch the interviews click here.

Posted 26th March by Jerusalem Prayer Team


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  1. I am writing this to complain about the SBOE. They have revised TEKS and not supplied material for us to use. We adopted a math textbook in 2009 and them the state quickly revised the TEKS. Science textbooks are from 2000 and do not align to the current TEKS, Social Studies as well. Most school district feeling the heat of the STAAR and the rigor of the assessment felt the only answer was CSCOPE. Districts did this with out total review of all of the lessons. My district adopted it about 5 years ago. We were made to us the lesson. It has been horrible. I feel that the SBOE is also to blame as well as our State government whom last year took away funding. Our education system is at a critical junction and without the support of teachers and parents we will soon fall to the depths of the seriously lagging states.