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A silhouette of a teacher announcing through a megaphone a Warning that CSCOPE is a failure.  Re: CSCOPE curriculum

Postby admin » Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:17 am

Posted anonymously by an East Texas teacher after she read , “Most Amazing Senate Ed Hearing Ever”:
I would like to say how much I deeply appreciate that someone is out there looking into CSCOPE! There are SO many teachers that deplore the “curriculum” but there is no way that many of us can publicly say anything against the “Bible” that has been handed to us. In some districts, I assure you, it has been referred to as the “Bible” for us to strictly adhere to – or else!I have been teaching for over 2 decades (headed to 3 – hopefully) and I have yet to see anything come through our Texas schools that has done more harm than this fluff.Every day that I have to go in and try to find a way to teach this and somehow still live with the knowledge that my students are not getting my best, I am thankful that my children have all graduated and will not have to suffer this travesty of the educational process. It is my grandchildren that I now worry about – as do their parents.I have witnessed several of my peers choose to retire rather than be forced to become a “trained monkey” as they were told that a trained monkey could teach these lessons and therefore they had no excuse for not following the “curriculum.” I still have a couple of years to go and I am hoping (and praying) that somehow I can make it without having to completely give up on the education of future Texas graduates.

I am a proud Texan and I abhor the level that we have fallen to in our public schools. I am deeply saddened to have spent my entire adult life in the pursuit of education for myself and my students to watch it all fall by the wayside as I prepare for retirement.

So, once again, I would like to thank you for the public scrutiny that you are placing on this failure that is being forced into our school and into the minds of our children.

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  1. Katy McAteer says:

    I am looking for people who are involved in Katy school district. Please contact me if there is any group working here. Thanks