Teacher Pleads For Help

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Silhouette of Woman Sitting and looking furlong represents teachers thinking of how it was before CSCOPE.Please, someone, please send me a CSCOPE advocate to show me the way to attain 100% mastery of all grade level TEKS by all 70+ of my fifth grade students (including the modified and accommodated)!

NO!  NOT 70% of my students!

NO! NOT MOST of the Category 1-5 TEKS Standards!

I want ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of my students to be successful with ALL 5th grade level TEKS!

Before CSCOPE 

For 11 years straight before CSCOPE made its way into my district, my students were successful with ALL 5th grade level TEKS!!


The superintendent supports CSCOPE….WHY?……

All our students are failing!…..

I don’t get it!

I HATE CSCOPE and would quit teaching if I didn’t need an income.

I retire in four years! It’s so sad that I am wishing my life away as I wish for the four years to get here quickly!

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  1. Lee Cary says:

    The progressive movement (see John Dewey) kidnapped (literally) public education decades ago. As a consequence, public education in America is an abject failure, particularly in the large inner cities. And it’s getting worse.

    Parents don’t have the time or interest to stand up to the movement on a sustained basis. Any victories they achieve are short-lived. The progressives are relentless. They know what’s best for America’s children – in their own minds. ISD Superintendents are politicians, not educators. And that’s the way it is.

  2. Heidi Bach, Ph.D. says:

    Their demand for 100% class mastery is JUST ONE RED FLAG to authentic educators nationwide, wondering parents, and all lawmakers that the group pushing this “indoctrination machine” is invalid.

    • Neva Kelly says:

      Dr. Bach – Who are you addressing is this post? You say “their demand…” but it is the teacher who submitted the original article/letter that stated “I want 100 percent of my students to be successfull with all 5th grade level TEKS!”

  3. Janice –
    Surely there is someone out there with some sense of timing and deep enough pockets to see that there is a ripe crop of instructors who will move ANYWHERE just to be released from the shackles of sub-mediocrity?

    I know that if I had those pockets, I would be making that school a reality.

  4. Surely there are CSCOPE experts in your district (they are the ones with the i-pads) who know all of the answers. Of course, the answers always say that we just don’t know how to teach. If you have been teaching long enough to have that long a history of success, then, obviously, you are too set in your ways to understand CSCOPE and you need to get on board with the program and be a team player…

    Somehow, I do remember when my “teams” used to win more than they lost.

    (Note to the sarcasm-impaired…yes, that was an example.)