Tax Payers Own CSCOPE

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Computer with Delte for CSCOPEThe ESCs used tax money to invest in the development of CSCOPE.

Doesn’t that mean CSCOPE belongs to the Texas Tax Payers?

According to Senator Patrick and others on the Senate Education Committee, TESCCC,inc. is not a legal company.

TESCCC,inc was ordered to be dissolved. The ESC directors have not done this. Instead the ESC directors are acting as if the TESCCC  owns the CSCOPE lessons. This is not true!

CSCOPE was created by people who were paid with Texas Tax funds. Thus, CSCOPE and everything associated with it belongs to Texas Tax Payers.

As a tax payer, I vote to have all the ESC directors and all the CSCOPE directors to be relieved of their positions.

As a tax payer, I vote to:

Delete the CSCOPE lesson files–NOW!!
Delete the entire CSCOPE website, including the assessments —NOW!!
Wipe out the entire CSCOPE Website…..NOW!


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  1. I applaud the SBOE’s campaign to make CSCOPE public. However, I abhor the tactics of radical members and their unfounded claims that CSCOPE is teaching “un-American values”. Making claims that give voters the impression that CSCOPE is teaching our students that “Christians are cannibals” is irresponsible and misleading. The BBC article in question clearly and plainly states that one of the reasons that Romans persecuted Christians (among many of the others cited) was that they were suspicious of the practice of consuming the Eucharist. BTW, many protestants made the exact same claim about Catholics, who have a different view of the Eucharist. If we can’t teach our children to be critical thinkers then what are we supposed to teach them? To be mindless drones? To goose-step to the TEA Party’s drum? I am truly ASHAMED of the Texas SBOE! You are a menace to our student’s education.