TASA Robs School Funds

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TASA is taking school taxes for superintendent conferences and personal dues.

 TASA Steals Montgomery ISD School Taxes 

The attached is from Montgomery ISD and is an example of what school districts all over Texas, using our tax dollars, are paying to TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators). In this case, Montgomery ISD so far in this 2012-13 school year shows expenditures of $22,240 for TASA.

TASA and its “joined-at-the-hip organization” TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) use our tax dollars to hire lobbyists to go to Austin to lobby us for higher school taxes. (School districts also use our tax dollars to pay for school board members’ TASB expenses.) In essence, we taxpayers are paying to lobby ourselves!

Why should TASA/TASB live off our tax dollars? Classroom teachers have to pay for their own teacher organization dues and conventions if they choose to participate. If administrators and school board members want to join TASA/TASB, that should be entirely up to them; but the Texas Legislature needs to pass a bill during this legislative session that requires public school administrators and school boards to participate in TASA/TASB by using their own personal dollars and not by using our taxpayers’ dollars.

Details of the tax money used by Montgomery I.S.D. to pay for TASA expenses.





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  1. Janice, how do we access the Superintendent and School Board Members information on dues/fees for our schools in Region 6. Can we give you a list of schools and then get a report like the Montgomery School District. I have been trying to gleen this information from the Huntsville Budget records…..

    Linda Thompson