TASA Defies Governor Perry

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 Texas Superintendents, led by Dr. Jeff Turner, president of TASA, have defied Governor Perry and are training to implement Obama's Common Core Standards. Texas Superintendents have sold out to Obama’s Common Core Standards


Texas Superintendent goes to Washington DC? Published By Ginger on RedHotConservative 

Dr. Jeff Turner, superintendent of Coppell ISD is on his way to Washington DC again. Why?  Turner flew to Washington on Dec. 5th to discuss Common Core Standards.

Are these the same standards that Texas Governor Perry said would not be used in the Texas Schools? YEP!

Is Jeff Turner using tax money to travel to Washington on a mission that is contrary to what the Texas governor wants?

Does Jeff Turner not have any necessary duties in his school district? Is Jeff using personal days or sick leave to do all this traveling. Red type: Comments from Janice VanCleave

Turner  is also President of the Texas Association of School AdministratorsTASA.   TASA is gearing up to attend the American Association of  School AdministrtorsAASA to hear humanist Linda Darling Hammond who is associated with Communist William (Bill) Ayers  speak on the Common Core Standards. Hammond is also an education adviser to the Obama administration.  Why are  Texas Taxpayers funding this? Why are we having to pay for our superintendents to travel to hear about the Marxist Common Core standards Texas did not adopt?

– See more at: http://www.standupfightback.us/texas-superintendent-goes-to-washington-dc-to-backdoor-the-use-of-common-core/#sthash.yrOPtYJX.dpuf

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  1. “God forbid anyone associated with education visit Washington, D.C.! Forget that part about telling our elected officials and appointed officials about what Texans want! Damn the U.S., damn its capital, and damn every American who serves in the U.S. government or state government.”

    Is that a pretty accurate summary of your philosophy? Where does it err?

    Gary, Ayers isn’t in Washington. Don’t get hoaxed.

  2. N. R. Northington says:

    Absolutely must stop this madness! Is Perry ducking the issue od cscope? Heard nothing about it in the local news!

    • With all the news, Governor Perry has not said a word about CSCOPE. He has said nothing about school superintendents going to training to find out how to implement common core into our Texas Schools.

      Anyone know how to contact Gov. Perry?

  3. Don’t live in Texas but if he went to see Ayers on my taxpayer time I’d be on his ass hard and heavy. Is he a commy too?