Susan Comb vs. Wade Lebay

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Is CSCOPE a Curriculum or Not?

Susan Comb is the Texas State Comptroller. Ms. Combs has repeatedly given TESCCC,inc great marks for saving school districts money.

Ms. Comb indicates that purchasing CSCOPE can save a CSCOPE school district as much as $4.5 million dollars. This is because schools do not have to spend their valuable time and money developing  their own curriculum.

I recently corresponded with Dr. Steelman, CSCOPE director at ESC, Region 11 about CSCOPE. Mr. Steelman was firm about CSCOPE not being a curriculum. Instead, according to Dr. Steelman, CSCOPE is a teacher guide that can be used by teachers to develop their own curriculum. Since this is contrary to Susan Comb’s description of CSCOPE, I contacted Wade Lebay, the State CSCOPE Director.

Mr. Lebay supports Dr. Steelman’s description of CSCOPE in that CSCOPE was not designed to be a school’s comprehensive curriculum. Instead, CSCOPE has components that can be used as guides for schools to use in designing their own curriculum.  But, for schools that are not able to pay to have their curriculum developed, the CSCOPE components can be used as a curriculum.

Mr. Wade Lebay summarized his description of CSCOPE and how school districts use it as:

What CSCOPE is by Wade Lebay


If CSCOPE is not a comprehensive curriculum being used by school districts that purchase this instructional material, then schools are not saving $4.5 million dollars. This also mean that TESCCC, inc. is not an innovative state program that is saving schools money. Instead, schools purchasing CSCOPE must be spending more money. First they pay the TESCCC,inc. $5,370 for developing cost, then they pay $7.00 per student per year along with internet connection fees as well as fees for mandatory workshops for implementing CSCOPE. [What is there to implement?] Then, the school district has to hire curriculum directors to develop the curriculum. But, according to Dr. Steelman, CSCOPE is a guide for teachers to develop their own curriculum.

CSCOPE gets more confusing every day. At first CSCOPE was a curriculum to save schools money as well as give schools a common language–meaning they all teach the same thing during the same time period. Now it is not a curriculum and schools are developing their own curriculum so obviously there is to be no common language.

Remind me again—Why are schools purchasing CSCOPE? Why are superintendents fighting to keep it in their schools?

Following article from Susan Comb’s The Texas Economy 

Ms. Comb credits the information as coming from TESCCC,inc. Something is wrong! 

Susan Combs Describes CSCOPE



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