Superintendent Discusses CSCOPE

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Ginger Russell Discusses CSCOPE with Superintendent Randy Perry, Malakoff I.S.D.

While passing out CSCOPE flyers on on the steps of the state capitol, superintendent Randy Perry declined the flyer commenting,  “No thank you, you don’t know what you are talking about.”

Why are school superintendents so defensive about CSCOPE? Most know little to nothing about this unapproved, K-12 instruction material even though they are buying it for their schools.

Ginger engaged Superintendent Perry and he softened and the two discussed CSCOPE.

They parted with the understanding that Ginger would request from Randy a copy of one of the CSCOPE lessons.

Following are the emails that were exchanged between the two.

On 1/9/2013 2:00 PM, Ginger Russell wrote:
Hello Mr. Perry,
I spoke with you yesterday at the Texas Captiol about my concerns in regard to Cscope. I enjoyed our conversation.
I told you I would email you and request a Cscope lesson. I would like for you to send Grade 6 Social Studies Unit: 10 Lesson: 01 if you don’t mind.
If you find the time there here are a couple of blog entries on the make up of Cscope.
Ginger Russell


From: Randy Perry   To: Ginger Russell
Sent: Wed, January 9, 2013 4:03:48 PM
Subject: Re: Cscope

I appreciated your passion for your cause. I hope that I did not not come off like a jerk. We need to listen to others that might have a different viewpoint.

CSCOPE is simply a product of the region service centers. We bought it to help teachers with lessons that engage our students and help organize the teaching of the TEKS. There is no sinister plot to take over our schools.
Our teachers are under such great stress, that anything we could do for them was reviewed.
I will take a look at that lesson specifically. Please go to our website, Click on  Superintendent. You will find my thoughts on CSCOPE on #3 of my goals for the district.
Randy Perry
Randy Perry
Superintendent of Schools
Malakoff ISD
From: Ginger Russell    To: Randy Perry

On 1/9/2013 5:26 PM, Ginger Russell wrote:

Well, to be honest Randy you did come off as a jerk at first but you softened.
How do you explain the lack of transparency TESCCC has?  They don’t want parents to see the lessons and they do not want outsiders to attend their board meetings.
Cscope State Cscope Director Wade Labay responded with the following when asked about attending their board meetings. Why the secrecy?
Why would TESCCC have Humanist Linda Darling Hammond speak at their conferences?

Dear Ms. Vera:

Thank you for your interest in attending the TESCCC Governing Board
meetings.  TESCCC’s meetings are held in accordance with its bylaws
and are currently closed to the public.  Additionally, the meeting
notices and agendas are not posted publically but rather notice of
meetings are distributed in accordance with the corporation’s bylaws
and the requirements for nonprofit corporations under the Texas Business
Organizations Code.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about
CSCOPE and/or share any additional questions or comments with the TESCCC
Governing Board.

I hope that this information is helpful to you, and I hope you have a
wonderful day!


Wade N. Labay, Ed.D.
Director, State CSCOPE


From: Randy Perry       To:  Ginger Russell 

I would take him (Wade Lebay) up on his offer to discuss CSCOPE with you, or check with your local Region Service Center. They will have a CSCOPE coordinator. Give them a call.
I looked at the 6th grade “Middle East lesson.” I can’t send it to you. It is copyrighted material. I don’t want to be accused of breaking the law. If you were a parent in my district, I would have no problem showing you anything we use.
I can’t speak for this organization or their choice of speakers. I don’t know why they just don’t open it up for everyone, other than they are trying to sell it to every district in the state.
I attempt to be a gentleman in all situations. If I was less than that with you at our first meeting, I do apologize.
Good luck in your quest for more transparency with CSCOPE.
I expect the legislature to hold hearings on the product.
Randy Perry
Superintendent of Schools
Malakoff ISD
More to Come. Teachers from Malakoff will be contacted and ask about CSCOPE and the goals of Superintendent Perry.
Most CSCOPE teachers do not find superintendents to be very respectful to them. Hopefully, Randy Perry is one of the exceptions.
Do you  have any questions for
Superintendent Perry?
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  1. I was sent a you tube video of your speaking about cscope with the info wars host. Hays county is neck deep in this teaching method. I am not happy about it. I am not a political person. Maybe a bit liberal if anything. None of this is about politics or Alex joes conspiracy theories. It’s really more about the education, or lack thereof my children are receiving. My 9 year old struggles in math and social studies. There are no textbooks used at our schools. It is my understanding that there are no textbooks being used county wide. I am devastated! No basic fundamental learning strategies and kids and parents are left with nothing g to refer to for information. I want to get rid of this and get text books back in the schools! I am contacting everyone that I know!
    My sister is a college psychology professor. She is all too aware of the education tragedy occurring. She employees anyone who wants to come and observe her class. She says may if her students cannot read let alone write! She not sure how they got into college.
    I have a cousin that teaches elementary in my home town of DeLeon, TX. She said they have cscope but are not madated to use it and still use textbooks.
    I want to get this changed!
    Please help me.

    • We can stop CSCOPE.
      Use this link for a sample request with state code of your rights as a parent. Demand hard copies of CSCOPE lessons. Demand to see the CSCOPE tests your children take. Find out if the test actually match what is being taught.

      Encourage everyone to contact Senator Patrick to remove CSCOPE from Texas Schools. Sen Patrick needs support of Texans to remove CSCOPE.
      Tweet Dan Patrick Here:
      Call Dan Patrick’s Office Here:    1-512-463-0107

      FYI: Senator Patrick and Senator Campbell –Senate bill that will give legislatures power to stop CSCOPE. Please contact your state representatives.

    • speaking 4 the kids says:

      If you can get some of your local groups together, such as local Chamber of Commerce, Republican’s, Tea Party, etc. for any kind of meeting, even with a group of concerned neighborhood parents, we can get someone to come out and speak to your group and support you in action steps as to how people can take action, ….please stay in touch with this site if you have a group.