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Following is a copy of comments in reference to evolution. Because I do not support evolution, my credibility as a scientist who supports accurate, quality, unbiased science instruction is question. It doesn’t matter that I have a masters degree in science education, taught secondary science for 27 years, have published 52 science experiment books for kids and educations, etc…… None of this matters according to TFN (Texas Freedom Network) unless I support teaching that evolution is fact and not to be questioned.
I question the “freedom” in this very restrictive attitude.

“Accurate, Quality, Unbiased Science Instructional Materials DO NOT pivot on Evolution.”

Janice VanCleave

New comment on TFN Insider

Dan commented on A #StandUp4Science Invitation from Zack response to Janice VanCleave:

Zack, We may not agree on every point, but you and I are on the same page when it comes to accurate, quality, unbiased science instruction materials. Since the CSCOPE lessons are now public domain, you are an important voice for college students and can help me point out that the CSCOPE lessons are preparatory […]

Thanks for posting on TFN Insider. But, with all due respect, it’s hard to believe someone supports “accurate, quality, unbiased science instructional materials” when she also says this:

“It’s not the evolution information that I object to. Instead, teaching kids that the accuracy of the evolution theory should not be questioned is an archaic way of thinking. It patterns the attitude of those who for two thousand years stifled any scientific advancement contrary to Aristotle’s scientific philosophies. Only when we question the accuracy of currently accepted science theories will new information be discovered. Galileo was punished because he dared to suggest that the Earth revolves around the Sun. He was forced to swear that he was wrong and that the Earth was the center of the universe and everything, even the Sun revolved around the Earth. Are scientists today being forced to fit everything into an ‘evolution mold’ in order to obtain grants or other funding?

Jumping on the Global Warming Band Wagon is considered to be PC, politically correct. I assume this means that politicians, if elected, will correct the problem. Personally, I have doubts about a global climate change. Maybe, but maybe not.”

Or this:

“I am not in favor of legislation forcing teachers to teach Creationism or Evolution. At this time, Evolution is being taught as the only idea for creation. I totally disagree with doing this for many reasons, but most important is that this limits science. Why would any scientists want to be so restricted? Why would any scientists want to be forced to accept any idea? Why would any scientists want to have to support evolution to be eligible for grant money?”

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