STAAR OPT Out Notice

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Are You a Parent Fed Up With Schools Deciding What is Best for your children. 

“Are you a parent fed up with schools deciding what us best for your child”

Things Parents Need to KnowThe STAR or STAAR test name is crossed out.

1. Education is a big business. For example, the company who is contracted to prepare the STAAR tests receives almost $100 million dollars each year. This company has been paid to product Texas state tests since 2000 and has a contract through 2015. During this time the company , Pearson Publishing, will have been paid over $1 billion. YES, $1,000,000,000.00 of our tax money to one company that is based in France. What is wrong with Texas publishing companies or at least an American based company? But better yet, since money is always the issue with education, how about investing that one billion dollars in Texas Education. More qualified teachers.

2. TASA TRANSFORMED SCHOOLS: If your superintendent has signed a pledge with the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) to transform your school, then your superintendent is on your side and doesn’t want students to take the STAAR. The problem is that your superintendent is pretending that this is not so and that children are being prepared for the STAAR. But, all the while your superintendent with other superintendents is trying to take over TEXAS schools –sounds bizzare, but its true. TASA has a program and organized plan to transform Texas education and the plan does not match the plan of TEA. What a mess! While this power play is going on and big deals are being made with Pearson–yes Pearson is supporting TEA and Bill Gates with Microsoft wants all schools to use online curriculum –no printed books–of course they do.  Please, do not take my word for this. Check it out for yourself. Start with finding out if your school is on the TASA tranformed list. 

3. CSCOPE is the controversial online curriculum that is being evaluated by the state board of education and the senate education committee. Yet, school superintendents are still defending this instruction material–WHY?

A better question is why did superintendents purchase CSCOPE without having it evaluated?

Why did superintendents and school board members purchase CSCOPE when they knew that it had not been evaluated by the state board of education like textbooks are?

4. Texas Public Schools have lost their focus on educating our children. It has all become a business for making money. This is because parents and the community are not involved in what is going on at the school. Yes, they attend athletic events, but it has been a shock to parent that CSCOPE has been in some schools for years. As an educator, I am guilty for not knowing that my local schools are using CSCOPE. But, I know it now and am asking all parents to take a good look at what their children are being taught. Demand to see all graded papers as well as TESTS. Don’t just look at the grade. Read the papers. Shake out those book bags. Meet with other parents. In other words, be aware of what is happening in your school.

5. Opting Out of STAAR
Homeschooled students and students in private schools do not have to take the STAAR–So why are kids in public school being punished? Why are kids in public school drilled and drilled and tested through the year just so they can do well on the STAAR?  Does it really matter?

Do kids in public school really have to take the STAAR  Find Out Here:

Parent letter for opting their child out of state tests (TAKS/STAAR) is here. We are Texas Parents concerned about the overuse of testing in our Texas Public Schools.


Dear [Insert Principal] [insert date]

I am respectfully presenting a written statement to remove my child during the mandated standardized testing days this year. It is my parental right to choose to “opt my child out” of curriculum or instruction that is harmful to children as stated in the Texas Education Code CHAPTER 26. PARENTAL RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Sec. A26.010.EXEMPTION FROM INSTRUCTION. (a) A parent is entitled to remove the parent ’s child temporarily from a class or other school activity that conflicts with the parent ’s religious or moral beliefs if the parent presents or delivers to the teacher of the parent ’s child a written statement authorizing the removal of the child from the class or other school activity. I believe it is morally wrong to put children through the ordeal of a week of pointless testing. I also believe the practice of high stakes standardized testing is morally wrong. High stakes standardized testing:


AFFECTS SOCIO-EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Our system of constant testing seems designed to produce anxiety and depression.


KILLS CURIOSITY AND LOVE OF LEARNING: Actually limits and reduces the amount of QUALITY learning experiences. Rather than focusing on a child’s natural curiosity, testing emphasizes (and drills in) isolated facts limiting teacher’s ability to create environments that stimulate a child’s imagination.


REDUCES A CHILD’S CAPACITY FOR ATTAINING NEW KNOWLEDGE: If children cannot actively make connections between different topics of study, they don’t remember what they learn from day to day. Most standardized tests are still based on the recall of isolated facts and narrow skills. (


REPLACES HIGHER ORDER THINKING WITH SKILL, DRILL AND KILL: Most tests include many topics that are not important, while many important areas are not included on standardized tests because they cannot be measured by such tests. Teaching to the test does not produce real and sustained gains on independent learning measures. (


NARROWS THE CURRICULUM: The loss of a rich curriculum has been documented in research, in the media, and in teacher testimony. Forget art, music, science and PE (in spite of the decades of research that correlates student overall school achievement to participation in these experiences). State-wide testing generally focuses only on math and reading. And with these critical subjects, teachers are forced to focus only on those test-taking strategies that reflect the way material is presented on the tests.


REDUCES SOCIALIZATION AS A CENTRAL CORE OF LEARING: The opportunity to learn to socialize through recess, and collaborative classroom activities reduces children’s opportunities to develop healthy social skills. Being seated alone at a desk all day isolates children from learning how to develop community-based problem solving skills they will need as adults.


WASTES VALUABLE EDUCATIONAL TIME SPENT TAKING TESTS: Texas Public Schools will spend one of every five days or nearly 20% of the school year conducting tests. According to the Texas Education Agency, Texas public schools will spend 34 out of the 185 day long year conducting tests mandated by the state government. This does not include the regular testing in schools such as six-weeks tests, quizzes, and final exams. (State Board of Education Member Bill Ratliff, Sept 12, 2011)


VIOLATES ALL CHILDRENS’ RIGHTS TO A FREE AND APPROPRIATE EDUCATION: High stakes testing leads to under-serving or mis-serving all students, especially the most needy and vulnerable, thereby violating the principle of ‘do no harm.’ For example, students living in poverty, who already lack critical access to books and free reading, are condemned to test prep instead of having opportunities to read. Monies desperately needed for vital school resources such as clean drinking water, supplies and roofs that don’t leak are being spent on testing materials. Texas spends $44 billion per year on public education, of that $1 billion is spent just on testing days. (Ratliff, 09/12/11) Texas Education Agency spent $88 million on Pearson standardized test products, such as TAKS tests, in fiscal year 2010 for testing grades 3-11 with plans to spend $470 million over the next 5 years. Pearson is part of a London-based media conglomerate, Pearson PLC. Our needed tax dollars for Texas schoolchildren go to London. (Egan (2010) Retrieved from


VIOLATES FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT OF 1938: If a child is given work or assessments to do in the classroom that will eventually determine the income of a teaching professional, that student is providing the catalyst for the pay. In Texas, administrators and teachers are paid “bonuses” or additional stipends through “strategic compensation” programs that are dependent upon the school-wide TAKS (standardized tests) growth or other student performance goals. This breaches the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938, which states that sixteen is the basic minimum age for employment. It also says that when young people work, the work cannot jeopardize their health, well-being, or educational opportunities.


Parental rights are broadly protected by United States Supreme Court decisions (Meyer and Pierce), especially in the area of education. The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that parents posses the “fundamental right” to “direct the upbringing and education of their children.” Furthermore, the Court declared that “the child is not the mere creature of the State: those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right coupled with the high duty to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations.” (Pierce v. Society of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510, 534-35) The Supreme Court criticized a state legislature for trying to interfere “with the power of parents to control the education of their own.” (Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, 402.) In Meyer, the Supreme Court held that the right of parents to raise their children free from unreasonable state interferences is one of the unwritten “liberties” protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. (262 U.S. 399). The immorality of high stakes testing in the public schools, as stated earlier, constitute an unreasonable state interference in the operation of public schools.


The right to opt out of standardized test ought to be an option for every child’s parent or guardian — the right to say, without being pressured or penalized by state or local authority, “Do not subject my child to any test that doesn’t provide useful, same-day or next-day information about performance.”


With consideration of the Texas Education Code, Chapter 26, and the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, I would appreciate your cooperation in securing my right as a parent to opt out my child of standardized testing.



Thank you,

[Insert your name]






Click on link below to see an example of a successful “Opt Out” in Texas

It is time for Texans to take action.

It’s time for Texans to be involved in a “Boots on the Ground” Action Plan to take back our schools. An announcement will be forthcoming about how to get involved. Know that you will be asked for your name, email, and school district. I will only share this information with other activists so that you can be contacted by someone in your area. We have to get started and do something before school ends if we want CSCOPE to be removed from our Texas Schools.

For now, until I can get the Boots on the Ground Action Plan organized, if you want to be part of this Group that plans to be upfront and in the faces of those who have purchased CSCOPE–this will be your superintendent and school board members.


Please elect board members who want kids to be educated and not drilled for the state test.


“I’m very concerned about the harm that is created when you put inappropriate expectations on a nation of young children, you give them all kinds of damaging messages as well as increasingly eliminate their opportunities for healthy and genuine learning,” Carlsson-Paige said (An specialist in childhood development).


According to Carlsson-Paige, the drilling now done to prepare Texas Students for the STAARs is detrimental to learning. Parents are going to have to put a stop to this. In some school districts, out of the 180 days of schools, about 60 days are lost to drilling or taking prep tests for STAARs. This is 30% of the school days. Schools wait until a couple of months before the STAARs and stop regular classroom instruction and start preping for STAARs. My neighbor’s kids come home with a headache every day. Her kids don’t want to go to school and I don’t blame them.


I really don’t know how this will be stopped unless parents just put their foot down and decide not to send their kids to school during the STAARs testing.

I guarantee it will grab the attention not only of the school districts but TEA just might want to listen to what parents have to say.


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  1. I’m considering this action. My daughter has been in the Honor Roll since receiving grades. The lowest grade she has ever received in Math is an 89, mostly receives in the 90’s. However, she failed the STAAR Test. Because her grade in Math class is good, the school will not offer any assistance to help her be better prepared for the STAAR, so, I pay $40 a week, since the summer, to have her tutored. Ridiculous! The test is coming up next week and she’s a mess. Additionally, she doesn’t seem to be ready. We have done many pre and prep tests for it and she seems lost. I do feel she should know how to answer all the questions the STAAR asks but I don’t believe her ability to pass the 5th grade should rely on it…especially when she’s getting an A in Math class.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      First of all, in Texas, the 2015 math STAAR test is not being used
      to fail students. The grades on the 2015 math STAAR tests will be
      used to determine a grading scale for passing the tests in 2016.
      Tell your daughter to do her very best, but not to worry about
      failing 5th. Only the 5th grade STAAR reading test is being used
      to fail students.
      Parents need to call, email, write etc… to their state representatives
      and tell them that students are being tested before they have time to be
      taught the TEKS.
      The STAAR Reading test was given the last two days of March. This test was
      over all the TEKS designed for an entire school year.

      The science and math STAAR tests are given at the end of April. Is school over?
      No! But it is for all practical purposes because the STAAR tests will be over at
      the end of April yet there is a full 6-weeks of school left.

      The STAAR tests are given before teachers have time to teach all the TEKS.

      • Janice VanCleave says:

        To Carey,
        Sadly I tell you that class grades may not be indicative of student
        progress.Ask for graded assignments. This will
        give you more information about how grades are determined. Is your
        child being given A’s for effort or for ability to do the math?

    • I am a teacher. Your child should not be making As if she can’t pass the test. It sounds like she is not being taught at the same level the test is on. I will say, the test is extremely inappropriate at this time. That is one reason the state can’t decide on a passing rate. Some 7th grade material has been moved to 3rd. Does that make sense? Having stated this, if the teacher is using material testing the TEKS that are being assessed at the same level of understanding that the state is expecting, and she is making As at that level, the test should not be a problem. I would assume if I were you, that the teacher, or school, is not using appropriate instructional materials. As someone else stated though, the math test will not count this year so your daughter does not need to worry.

      • Janice VanCleave says:

        I am more familiar with the science STAAR and can tell you that the science questions on past tests have multiple answers and some incorrect answers.

        I totally agree that class grades cannot be used to determine a student’s progress unless one can trust the teacher making the evaluation.

        I so agree that students need to be assessed, but sadly the STAAR/EOC tests are not valid.
        1. Pearson Publishing provides the test questions for all STAAR/EOC tests. Pearson has not been shown
        to provide quality tests.
        2. TEA uses poor test questions from Pearson and tries to tweak them so that they align with the TEKS.

  2. Mrs Cross says:

    I submitted an opt out letter to my child’s school. I kept him home the day of the first test. The next day I was informed he would have to take the test. If he refused, he would have to sit there and do nothing for the 4-5 hours it takes for the test to be administered. And that he would receive a zero. Why would they do this, instead of allowing him to attend his regular classes? I’m very frustrated.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      Mrs. Cross,
      The only answer is that education is not the focus of TEA or many Texas school districts. Instead, the primary focus is testing to collect data–How many Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Asians, Others— pass? What percent improved? ETC……..
      It is my understanding that students may not receive a zero even if they refuse to do the work.
      The school is making an example of your child. If one child doesn’t take the test and nothing is none, then others might do the same thing.
      I listened to a presentation from TAMSA, a group dedicated to removing the STAAR/EOC tests and replacing them with tests that are diagnostic and helpful and do not punish children. The STAAR/EOC tests DO NOT help students.

    • Marcia Sloan says:

      Mrs. Cross,
      At least at the school I retired from, there were no regular classes for students to attend during STAAR testing. The entire grade level is involved in testing, so there would be no place for your child to go. And the state has some strict rules about what students can and cannot do during testing, so they may be required to have your child sit in the testing room if he is in attendance. At our school the STAAR test score was not used to determine class grades, so a zero on STAAR would not affect report card grades. I am not sure if that is the same at your child’s school.

  3. Cynthia Smith says:

    Where as I do agree that the STAAR test is useless. I do not believe the test in itself is the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the schools / teachers that only teach the test. My two sons had 2 different pre algebra teachers in 8th grade. One teaches the test and one refuses. My oldest son that had the teacher that refuses is going to be finishing college algebra (his 4th math) as a junior. He will be taking college algebra again next year for college credit only. He makes A’s in math. My youngest son, whose teacher taught the test is struggling. He was very good in math until last year. Not only that my youngest is very bad with tests. He gets nervous to the point of upsetting his stomach. He has ADD, and has a hard time sitting through long tests. Even with 504 accommodations he struggles. The questions are meant to “trick” the student. Why ask the same question 10 different ways? To confuse and trick. The principal told me this year (2015 – 8th grade) the reading STAAR is the only test that “counts”. Why put the stress on the students to take all of the tests, when only one counts? Why not “teach the test” in that class only and not in the other classes. Teach the right way. She also told me if he doesn’t pass it after 3 chances, it will go to committee and they will look at his grades from the year and if they feel he is “okay” then he will be passed. Again, what is the use of the test if a committee can make the decision? I would love for my son to not have to take the STAAR test, but that won’t change the stuff he doesn’t learn all year in class.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      I agree with everything you are saying.
      I volunteered to create a science lab for my local middle school. In doing this I had the opportunity to work directly with 8th grade students. Teaching science content and scheduling lab investigation was difficult due to testing schedules for benchmark tests, 3rd week, 6-wk and semester tests. The 2014 (4 hour) released STAAR tests were given in addition to other benchmark tests prepared by the district instructional supervisor.

      The Instructional Supervisor used Eduphoria, a testing bank of questions purchased from the local Education Service Center, Region 12. The Texas Education Service Centers no longer provide services to Texas schools, instead they are vendors selling unvetted products. Eduphoria has many errors, thus our Texas students are given benchmark tests that have incorrect questions and/or answers.

      Yes, there are good teachers and bad teachers. Some teachers know the content of their subject better than do others. Some teachers know the content of their subject, but do not know how to teach. The 20 Texas Education Service Centers not only sell poor quality Instructional Materials and Test Banks of Questions, but these state education agencies are writing and providing training to prepare Texas teachers, principals, superintendents, and school board members to be certified.
      Some of the training from the ESCs is via online courses. I paid $150 for the chemistry training that is to prepare 7-12 grade teachers to pass the state TExES science certification test. Basically the chemistry course provides lists of different chemistry related websites. One of the links was to the sample science TExES test on the TEA website. The bottom line is that educators are not receiving training from the ESCs that prepares them to teach science. Instead, they are paying for website links that they can find using GOOGLE. We now have teachers, principals, instructional supervisors, superintendents and school board members trained by the ESC. The ESCs promote the goals of the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA), which is to transform Texas Education. TASA promotes stopping TEA programs, including STAAR/EOC testing and implementing a state program designed by a group of superintendents called Vision Learning. FYI: TASA promotes Common Core. The entire Texas Education System is a mess and our children are being deprived of an education while different groups struggle to be in control of Billions of education dollars.

      The Commissioner of Education supports TASA and TASA is working to discredit TEA’s STAAR/EOC tests. Thus, it appears to be that TASA wants students to fail the STAAR/EOC. When students fail the state tests school districts receive more money for remediation. This is a joke because with inclusion there is no separation of students—all are in the same class receiving the same information. Our state legislatures are at the top of the education food chain and most of them know little to nothing about what is going on in classroom. Please contact your legislatures and tell them what is happening.
      FYI: The ESCs have vilified veteran teachers or any teacher who chooses to teach instead of preparing kids for a test. At one time our quality and qualified teachers mentored new teachers. Now our teacher receive their training from ESC employees who may or may not be highly qualified. This is because the ESCs are allowed to govern themselves.
      Janice VanCleave

  4. concernedmom says:

    I hate that our children are not learning a darn thing in school. Teachers are so pressured to teach so much of this b/s curriculum that they can’t help any student that doesn’t get the material, which happens to be many students. I have been to meetings with the math teacher, principal and counselor and nothing can be done. They are too afraid to speak because of fear of being fired. Admin could care less. All they want is the money from the state. Our kids mean nothing to them. They are not there to make sure their teachers are allowed to actually teach and kids can actually learn. Instead teachers are supposed to be robots and students are to be brainwashed to the test.

    What I found interesting was my 7th grader took her test and the same question on her test was on her cousin’s test who happened to be in Elem. How is that? Why is that? The same went for a 12th grader who had the same question to answer as an 8th grader. There is something wrong here. Schools should not be run by corporations. Why are we paying for a British company to teach our kids? Pearson’s contract will be up in 2015. Will Texas renew this contract?

    You know it is bad when more kids are having anxiety issues and teachers are in tears and both are throwing up and crying during test time. This is ridiculous! This needs to stop! Quit mentally abusing our children! I think it is demeaning for a child to get a problem wrong even if they got the answer correct….only because they left out a step in the strategy. Quit asking them how they were able to figure out the answer. They got it, didn’t they? The state is wasting a lot of time on b/s questions. Every child learns differently. My child has a C average in Math. Mostly for getting correct answers marked wrong for not including all of her strategies. She is a GT student and has high grades in all of her other classes but a low C in Math? There is something wrong here! She is not the only one like this! It is not the teachers’ fault and it is not the students’ fault. It is the state” fault for seeing $$$$ signs when they look at any student’s ID.

    We are seriously thinking of putting together a homeschool co-op for our children and say to heck with public schools. You may get our taxes but you will not destroy our kids!

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      I support your idea of a homeschool co-op.

      I do not think parents who homeschool should have to pay school taxes.
      This is an issue that we need to introduce to our legislatures.
      Why pay taxes to schools that are not educating our students.

      I do not have children in school. I would like to give my school taxes to
      a school district –private school–etc.

  5. to Christina from a teacher says:

    I read your post and it broke my heart. I wanted to write and share some advice. First, go outside the school to get your daughter a reading tutor. Many students have fallen behind in reading because the public schools have largely destroyed early reading instruction. Get someone, preferably a dyslexia trained reading tutor and take your daughter to sessions consistently until she gets caught up. Perhaps she doesn’t have dyslexia, but dyslexia tutors are specifically trained to teach phonics, and most people including teachers don’t know how to do that anymore. The dyslexia tutor will be able to give you keen insights as to whether your daughter has learning problems that might involve screening for special education. Save that idea for last. Once your daughter has learned how to read, read together every evening and get her invested in great literature. Take turns reading outloud until she gets the hang of it and begins to become more independent with her reading. If you follow through with this advice, you will give your daughter the gift of a lifetime. I am so sorry that schools are letting parents down in this vital area. Wishing you the best. Thank you for being such a caring mom. You did the right thing in opting out of STAAR. Your daughter doesn’t need that pressure right now.

  6. My daughter started school on Aug 2014. She is in the third grade.On the fourth day of school I opted her out of the staar test along with objection to release of directory information. I agree that my child is not data. My daughter is struggling with work that she does not understand at all especially in math. My daughter also reads below grade level. Here is a mental math question using properties of operation to change numbers to make subtraction easier. Yeah right! Here it goes: Megan has 372 buttons. She used 14 buttons to make a collage and 49 buttons to make an ornament. How many buttons does Megan have now? Example shows: First find 372- 14 You can add 6 to both 372 and 14. add 6 to both 372 and 14 which makes 372 add up to 378 and 14 adds up to twenty. So, 372- 14=358 still not done, Then find 358-49. You can add 1 to both 358 and 49 which makes 358 add up to 359 and 49 add up to 50 So, 358-49=309. Adding the same amount to each number does not change the difference. Me gan has 309 buttons. Instead of just adding 14 and 49 then subtracting it from 372 they are making it IMPOSSIBLE for my daughter to learn. My daughter still needs to catch up on her reading. This mental problem sheet was from handbook that’s kept in school. I opted her out of staar testing and star curriculum but its like I never did. Should I request a special education evaluation assessment? Do I go enforce? From basic to total complication. I always tell my daughter ” Remember school is there for you to learn and a teacher to teach that’s why there called TEACHers to teach you to learn not for you to know the work” Thank you for listening Christina

  7. shut up miss perfect!

  8. *is …sorry typo on my phone lol

  9. Your article title is grammatically incorrect. Apparently you are a product of the state testing..Are You a Parent Fed Up With Schools Deciding What is Best for their children. It should state… “Are you a parent fed up with schools deciding what us best for your child”

  10. LaTroya says:

    My daughter is having a horrible time in school she’s been put into the 504 program and under the special ed cap because the teachers don’t have enough time to teach the basics, they are drilling the mandatory parts of the STAAR test and it has my poor 8 yr old LOST I had a meeting with all of her teachers, principal and counselor to see what the problem was and they stated that she’s not understanding her focus isn’t there and so I had told them she can’t catch on to something that she has no clue about, I told them forget about STAAR If she don’t know the basics she will fail STAAR anyways they all agreed but didn’t change not one thing at all so my daughter comes home with homework that she doesn’t understand I try to help her to the best of my capability but the teaching is totally different from my time so it’s hard……I want a tutor but can’t afford to pay for one so now my daughter is just going to continuously fail unless the state changes…..

  11. I took my daughter out of school her junior & senior year and home schooled her through a private Christian school in Chicago. She had anxiety and depression so bad I had to remove her from Texas public schools! We need help for our children!!!

  12. You must check out this video of kids speaking out against STAAR:

  13. Dianne Carpenter says:

    Well I am going to opt my child out this yaer and I will be home schooling her next year. I am sick of the lack of education she has gotten. She has also loved school since pre-K . Now she is a 3rd grader who comes home crying and depressed this has been going on since 2nd grade when they started preparing for this test. My 3rd grader is having to learn Geometry and Algebra and was not even taught the multiplication tables first. They are forgetting the basics and our children. Here is Texas is is going down fast. If they hold her back I will still homeschool her and give her the education and attention she needs to make it in this life.

  14. Dianne Carpenter says:

    You need to look at the list they provide the link . So it is happening all over.

  15. If you look at the TEA website, you can find portions of the released STAAR tests. They are not complete, and you won’t know what answers your child chose, and the test is 2 years old, but you will at least have an idea of what the test looks like. Not a solution, but a help.

  16. I was a teacher in Texas. My pay NEVER depended on how my students performed on state testing. Is there a list of schools districts that did this/are currently doing this? I am curious bc I just moved to Hawaii and have just been told that with the new Common Core adoption our pay AND contracts will depend on student performance! As a teacher, I cannot believe this is happening in our schools.


  17. I was a teacher in Texas. My pay NEVER depended on how my students performed on state testing. Is there a list of schools districts that did this/are currently doing this? I am curious bc i just moved to Hawaii and have just been told that with thew new Common Core adoption our pay AND contracts will depend on student performance! As a teacher, I cannot believe this is happening in our schools.

  18. Texas Mother says:

    Sure, but in the meantime you are misinforming parents.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      I would very much appreciate your help in providing correct information. Consider writing an article.

  19. Jthompson says:

    I need to see my child’s staar test to see what she doesn’t understand. I have been told that for security reason I cannot. I’m trying to find a law that says that I can or can’t see it. Where should I start looking?

    • Sorry for my delay in answering. I do not know a specific code that allows this. I’ll check with the SBOE.

  20. I really need some one to listen ! My two daughters has loved school every since they stepped through the door. When they started taking the starr test in the beginning they didn’t know the meaning. When the went to the 4th and 5th grade they can’t enjoy school they are depressed because of these tests, when I pick them up from school I no longer see smiles I SEE TEARS and this terrible. I would like to say that the teachers in this grade area are very unprofessional and education is the last thing they are teaching. My daughters come home with more of the teachers personal lives and rude comments than what they learned for the day. Young ladies that has been A&B students that has no clear understanding of why they are there. The education system has went terribly wrong in the last 10 years. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP OUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!

  21. You did not list all of 26.010. It only relates to instruction not testing. It specifically states- a parent is not entitled to opt out of testing.