Sen. Patrick: CSCOPE On Fox-News

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Picture of Senator Dan Patrick as he is being interviewed on Fox-News.Senator Dan Patrick Speaks Out Against CSCOPE


Texas Sen. Dan Patrick was interviewed about CSCOPE on Fox News (Feb. 6, 2013).


Donna Garner has prepared a  concise summary of the Senate Education Committee Hearing held on Jan 31, 2013. You can see this at “Most Amazing Senate Ed Hearing Ever” 

For another Donna Garner report on CSCOPE, See Mish-Mash In CSCOPE.




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  1. I think we need to sue the pants off cscope and all parties concerned. I say do not keep cscope around period. Why keep the crook in the house.

  2. in addition to stopping CSCOPE, you will need to go after the source (before CSCOPE). Here is how it all started in Texas – goes all the way back to 1999.