5th Science TEKS and Specificities

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These 5th grade Science TEKS are on the TEA website. They are free and much more comprehensive than are the specificities sold by CSCOPE.

TEA’s website has TEKS and specificites that provide information helpful to teachers.  CSCOPE directors are duping the public with their false advertising that CSCOPE provides rigor and necessary information necessary for the STAAR.

Compare the following Free Information with the same TEKS and CSCOPE specificities that cost $7 -$10 per student every year. CSCOPE: TEKS and Specificities

I think CSCOPE directors could be guilty of a bunko scheme in that CSCOPE is not what it is advertised to be. Schools are being persuaded to purchase CSCOPE thinking they have a product that will prepare students for the state tests when it will not.

What do you think? 

TEA Specificities for 5th Science TEKS

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