Schools Bullying Kids

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Principal Bullies A Child About STAARS

 Texas Schools Need New Administrators

Teachers have been under fire for years. They have been evaluated, placed under gag-orders, and recently fired because they refused to teach curriculum that has instructional gaps, incorrect content, and pro-Islamic –anti-American lessons with an over all content of socialist engineering.

The tables need to be turned. Let’s take a look at the Texas Administrators. Who are these leaders that have purchased CSCOPE as well as other comparably ineffective curriculum.

How dare principals threaten students with failure when the blame for any student’s failure lies with  administrators who buy curriculum sight unseen. Parents have every right to file legal charges against school administrators for stealing the education from their children.

How many Texas administrators were coaches? How much classroom experience do coaches have? How much experience in curriculum development do coaches have? How much experience in curriculum development do the administrators presently working in Texas schools have?

School board members have become robots with superintendents pushing their buttons.

It is time to wipe the slate clean and start over with reasonable salaries for superintendents–no perks. Why should superintendents have perks for going to conferences using tax money that should be used in classrooms for supplies. Katy ISD spent about $70,000.00 for Administrative fees and memberships. That is money that was needed for supplies in the classroom.

Following is a note from a parent that wants answers:

I am a 20 year LVN with 2 sons, Cap is age 20 (graduated and in college with a job) and Tristen  13 years old in Jr High in Graham TX.

Over the past 5 years or so we have recognized more and more that there is a serious flaw in the education curriculum. I first started voicing my opinion on this issue when Tristen was in 4th grade. He is in the 7th now and taking the STAAR test for the 2nd time and was told that if he doesn’t pass he will be held back a year.

Comment by Janice VanCleave: To all Texas parents, especially those who children are in CSCOPE schools.


Schools that have been using CSCOPE cannot prove that they have prepared students K-12 for the STAARS/EOCs tests. 
In fact, the state senate education committee has the CSCOPE lessons under investigation.

Contact the SBOE and ask why students are being given the state tests when students have not been prepared. In fact, instead of being threatened by the school districts, parents need to join together and investigate their legal rights. School superintendents and school board members are responsible for purchasing with tax money instruction material that does provide correct instruction for every TEKS’ element in every grade and subject. 

Schools are being very bold in their threat to fail children. This offensive team of administrators are now on the defense. They need to explain why they purchased a supplemental material that was never evaluated—CSCOPE.

It is not the child , it is the system that is failing. All of my son’s class grades all this year are A and B ‘s. The reading material in the C SCOPE tests are confusing and far above the child’s reading level with words that he had never heard or been taught the meaning of, not to mention the ridiculous questions that do not make sense even to me. I was told this is a higher level of learning being taught and the children are to use context clues and figure it out, instead of just teaching the material and then testing the children to make sure they understand. I was told that we could not understand what kind of futuristic jobs they might encounter in the future. Some one has forgotten that these are just children and I don’t put stress on my child to make the chairman of the school board look good by trying to impress someone with what grades my kid makes on a piece of paper presented against other countries.

I heard the frustrated teachers testifying at the senate ed. meeting, and one said “they are setting the kids up for failure”.

It is a terrible hoax to ask a child who tries really hard to answer to the best of his knowledge, questions that are phrased with trickery and so confusing that they are impossible to answer. It is bad for the child’s confidence and quite frankly in my son’s on works, “Makes me feel stupid”. When I go over the tests with him he tells me that most of the test questions were not anything that they had talked about. They don’t give material to study and then test over. I know because together we go over my sons assignments, tests, look thru his binder, and make sure he has everything he needs every day and talk about everything that occurred at school, plus I visit the school frequently anytime he has a problem, the teachers all know me. My kids are top priority and I am their advocate. These kids have rights too, and  what’s more is that I am paying for their education and I am angry when I sit down and read the actual material they are being asked to learn at such a young age. It’s way above their comprehension level. I don’t even think it makes sense at a college level. If I don’t even get it,  I tell my son don’t get stressed out, just do your best. Its not that he is not smart, its that its impossible to figure out what the text is saying. Many parents and children agree its a ridiculous idea that is not working.

Can’t believe my child’s most important years of learning are being wasted and nothing can be done about it. Wasn’t sure if the world had gone mad until I started looking around. I am convinced that CSope must have been invented for someones financial gain designed by an idiot with no children or teaching experience and regard for the rights of children to a  normal education. Its an insult to my child’s intelligence. Children haven’t changed and I don’t care if other countries are learning more, don’t push that stress on mine, Teach them the basics: READ , WRITE , MATH, HISTORY, SCIENCE , and leave the rest to the parent! The reason there is nothing sent home to study with the parent is because I am sure they don’t want the parent to see that this was the best they could come up with. My kid is not a guinea pig, stop testing out new ideas on him. Did the TX SBOE even sit down with a group of average kids and see what they thought about it? Hmm I think not! Post this wherever you would like!

Comment by Janice VanCleave:

In defense of the State Board of EDucation (SBOE), the CSCOPE directors chose not to have the CSCOPE instruction material evaluated. This allowed them to implant material that has not prepared Texas Children for the state tests. Now administrators have the audacity to threaten students that they will not pass to the next grade if they do not pass the STAARS.  

I advise parents to not let this happen. 

I promote evaluating the progress of our students. Of what value to students are the test now being given? How do the state tests help educators to identify what students need? The tests have absolutely zero education value in my opinion. It is all for statistics and for whom? 

Let’s STOP! Evaluate what is happening in our schools. 

How can teachers teach when they are forced to use CSCOPE that is incorrect–Wow! how many years have your children been taught incorrect information? 

If students fail in specific areas, the school is taken over by TEA. Since TEA is a government agency this makes sense:

When 5th grade students fail part of the STAARs, the next school year the 5th grade class must have remedial lessons on the part that was failed last year. DUH! The 5th grade students that failed are now in the 6th grade and the 5th grade being forced to do remedial work are being punished when they have not even taken the STAARs tests. 

Does this tell you that TEA is competent to develop the TEKS and STAARs test that education in Texas is directed toward. Teachers do not teach, they spend the entire school year stuffing stuff into kids heads that they are guessing will be on the state tests. 

I can remember teaching when there were no state standards. Kids graduated from high school–they could read, write in script, went to college if they wanted to, and did well. How ever did this happen? 

Now, the state is spending millions and millions of dollars and our students can barely read–don’t wrote in script and don’t know their multiplication tables. This must be this wonderful 21st century teaching methods that the ESCs are so proud of. 

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  1. I took my son out of school after he regressed in reading in 1st grade, two years ago. They were not teaching phonetics, but sight words.The teacher would have the kids write in their journals without ever correcting their spelling and so he learned to write complete nonsense for a whole year. They said he might be dyslexic but after homeschooling with phonics he can read fine, albeit slower than his younger sister (always been home schooled). I got the recent TEKS tests for his grade to see where he was and there is no way he would be able to read and understand these 40 page tests. Like you said, they are not straightforward questions based on basic knowledge, but they are complicated and confusing. They are all multiple choice often with more than one possible answer. I really feel for these parents out there. Homeschooling can be difficult, but I know my kids are learning at their own pace and getting the basics down before moving on. Having been to graduate school, I know exactly what they need to be prepared for college – reading, writing and basic math. The public schools have turned into a money pit and they are building generations of angry, confused individuals who lack critical thinking skills. The students are also threatened by police for mistakes that kids make. It’s not just the kids being negatively affected. The schools that do not keep up lose accreditation status. The requirement for the 2014-2015 5th grade TEKS Math has been waived because too many kids failed and schools were unprepared for the recent curriculum changes. I have a feeling that many more people will choose to home school or use private schools if they can afford it. But in the end, it won’t hurt the teachers or administrators because there will always be plenty of students with the influx of immigrants as well as “surplus” state funds (perhaps generated by closing charter schools and more home-schoolers?). Not to mention the property taxes keep increasing (with multi million dollar bonds being passed) to help “our children’s future”. What a mess!

  2. Jan Teinert says:

    I have three grandkids in the Graham Texas ISD. They all started there in kindergarden. One is in the 10 th grade, one is in the 8th grade, one is in the 4th grade. None of them can spell, multiply, divide, count money or any life skills at all. They are angry and are in councelling. They have been bullied by not only the kids at this school, but by the teachers and the principal. They do not have books but laptops for their school work. We have been to the principals, supertendent, and at one point wrote the State Board, but can not get anything done. My granddaughter has had the same threat that if she does not pass that blanketty blanketty test she will not pass. My grandkids have serious issues due to this school and we cannot get anything done. I cannot tell you the parents that have pulled their kids out of school and moved because of the problems in this school. In fact that is what we are going to do. I am going to sell my family home that belonged to my grandparents, their great great grandparents and move. We have no other option. The other day the assistant principal had my grandson handcuffed by a policeman because he was 2 seconds late to class. We even ask the principal if he was having a tantrum and he told us that he was not causing a problem.The assistant principal lies and said he was throwing a fit and he wasn’t. We had bought him a hand held recorder and he recorded the insident. We have proof he did nothing. I want to know how do we get an investigation on this school. Believe me we are not the only parents screeming about this school . We need serious help.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      I will do what I can to help you. Believe me–I do understand and know that you are not the only parents with this problem.

  3. Tracy Autry says:

    I have a dyslexic son that also has a specific learning disabilitty. He is in fifth grade and has had A’s and B’s all year long. He failed the Math STAAR test (by one question). He was told that he can retake the STAAR, and if he does not pass, he will have to enroll in Summer School for the month of June. Afterward, he will be retested and if he does not pass at that time, he faces possible retention, depending upon a committee. He repeated first grade, so it already a bit older than his classmates. As I prepare for battle (meaning that my son WILL NOT REPEAT FIFTH GRADE), I have done some research on STAAR test questions. Meanwhile, I should say that at the age of 47, I have returned to college and last spring, I took a college Statistics course. I am not exaggerating one bit when I say that some of the fifth grade STAAR questions are questions I tested on for Statistics. I will fight his retention to the Supreme Court… will be detrimental to his self esteem and nothing, NOTHING good will come from it.