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People are shown to be happy because they do not have to use CSCOPE Instruction material.

Texas Education Patriots are calling for concerned parents and citizens with children in CSCOPE schools to send the petition found HERE to their school superintendent. 

The petition asked for an immediate stop of CSCOPE.

Superintendents have been trained to deceive the public about CSCOPE. You can find their defenses at CSCOPE MYTHS

One CSCOPE myth is that schools will be like fish out of water if CSCOPE was immediately removed. NOT TRUE.

Following is a plan of action for schools without CSCOPE and it can Start Today.

This is a plan to put Texas schools back on track of teaching children instead of dumbing them down with the inaccurate lessons of CSCOPE.

First teachers and students need some time to celebrate being freed from the confining chains of the CSCOPE micromanaging system. Then,

1. How will a school function without CSCOPE?

 School officials are asked to model high performing Texas schools that have opted to forego CSCOPE. In those schools, there are certain common factors that contribute to their high performing status. Commonly, teachers are part of planning teams that are allowed autonomy to plan for student success by exercising a voice in instructional material choices. Teachers are encouraged to plan lessons that teach at a high level, rather than lessons that “cover the TEKS,” as is the case with CSCOPE.

NOTE: The TEKS are considered to be the lowest denominator involved in mastering the overarching material being taught in the curriculum.

2. How will a school assure that teachers are covering the TEKS without CSCOPE?

 A free copy of the TEKS for every teacher can be downloaded from the Texas Education Agency website. Currently, Texas CSCOPE students are wasting one out of every five school days being assessed, cumulatively two months of the school year. Teacher use lesson plan systems online that include checking off the TEKS they are teaching to assure they are covering all of them.

Good administrators are not enforcers nor do they need enforcers to know if their teachers are presenting quality lessons aligned with the TEKS. A good administrators may visit a teachers class but not with a clipboard or camera. Good administrators are encouragers who support their teachers. Teacher morale is high when the school has good administrators.  instead of knows his/her teachers and doesn’t have to be an enforcer to make sure teachers are doing their job.

3. How will students have the rigor to prepare for the STAAR test?

 Teachers are reporting that CSCOPE lessons are full of time wasting cut/paste, foldables, and students getting into groups to exchange information when they don’t have the background information. Teachers have reported that CSCOPE lacks rigor and stifles their ability to teach at a challenging level. Teachers are able to purchase test preparation material for practice that is STAAR formatted. The assessments in CSCOPE contain open ended questions with any answer being accepted. If open ended questions are on the STAAR there is a defined answer.

 4. What materials will schools use if they don’t use CSCOPE for content?

 CSCOPE does not contain content. In other words, there are no novels or stories in reading and no reading material in Science, Social Studies, etc. Teachers are left scrambling to find material all over the internet which is time consuming. This leaves parents vulnerable as their children are exposed to content that is not grade leveled and that has no oversight. We are asking for textbooks that have been purchased by local taxpayers to be taken out of school book rooms and used to conduct quality instruction.

The idea that textbooks do not have rigor and CSCOPE does is another Myth connived and told by CSCOPE directors. Use those old books. Most older books are by far better than many new ones.

Note: CSCOPE directors have perpetuated the idea that teachers are stupid and need someone to read and interpret the TEKS for them. These same directors have been training our superintendents and school board members how to micromanage, ie control teachers. CSCOPE directors have spend many hours training superintendents to think of veteran teachers as uncooperative, lazy and educators that would spend months on one favorite subject if not closely watched and supervised. All this with the intent of removing veteran teachers from our schools.

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  1. These schools functioned before CSCOPE, they will function just fine once it’s gone. What you do need to watch out for is those who will still intentionally use bad curriculum material. Indoctrination was in Texas school before CSCOPE and will be there once it’s gone. Please read this for sources of the indoctrination and go after them as well – in addition to stopping CSCOPE. http://danetteclark.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/indoctrination-in-texas-schools-long-before-cscope/

    • I apologize my comment above seems awefully bossy! Lol! I didn’t mean it that way. I’m thrilled about what you guys are doing — I just don’t want any of these radicals flying under the radar and getting away with it. I get anxious about getting them all!! lol.
      CSCOPE is definitely the way to start because it was being used to spread bad curricula to far more educators and with no transparency. Keep up the good fight and let me know if I can help. 🙂