Redneck Certificates

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Certified RedNeck Superintendent

Some Texas School Administrators are not certified for their job.

I have never in the past doubted that Texas public school administrators were trained for their position. But,  I’ve discovered that the same 20 Texas ESC/CSCOPE directors who collaborated to create the CSCOPE Instruction Material, are also writing the  curriculum for  administrative training, including principals and superintendents.

To my surprise, one Texas superintendent is not  certified, yet transfers from one school district to the next implementing CSCOPE.   Why are school board members hiring uncertified administrators  who might be called “redneck certificated” administrator?

Are the administrators of your school certified? If so, who trained them? ESC staffers who may or may not be qualified to train administrators

Are your school taxes paying for ESC administrative training? Who is monitoring ESC administrator exams? ESC staff?

Find out HERE.

Teachers, are you being evaluated by someone without an  administrator certificate –principal, assistant principal, superintendent, assistant superintendent? This is happening in some school districts. In one CSCOPE school district, the assistant superintendent and teacher evaluators have been uncertified for years.

I promote local control of Texas public school districts. CSCOPE Schools are under the contol of administrators and some teachers trained by the ESC/CSCOPE directors. Parents in Llano ISD have takan legal action to restore local control.

Teacher assessments are called 
PDAS, which stands for Professional Development Appraisal System.
Check here to determine if the person walking in your classroom taking pictures and/or writing notes on a CSCOPE evaluation form may not be certified to do this. 

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