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 STAND Up For Quality Science

Zack Kopplin, a Rice Student from Louisiana is asking people to join him in a Stand Up for Science“Stand Up for Science Rally”.

Zack says, “All students deserve a high-quality science education that prepares them to succeed in college and the jobs of the 21st century. But they will not get one if the State Board of Education (SBOE) approves new textbooks that include junk science.”

Zack is correct that all students deserve a high-quality science education.

I’ will not participate in Zack’s rally because we disagree on what he considers junk science. But I am thrilled that Zack is taking a stand for quality science.

College kids have a way of attracting the news media and the public will remember the Logo “Stand Up for Science.”  Zack’s T-shirt indicates he supports evolution and everything related to being green.

I have to tell you that I was puzzled when I first heard about”green roofs.”  Scientifically, I could not figure out why using green roofing materials helped the environment.

I discovered that a “green roof” is a roof covered with enough soil so that plants could grow. WOW! What a great idea for an Environmental/Engineering Project. A student could  build a prototype model. First the weight per square foot of soil, including water as well as the plants would have to be determined. Then, the type and amount of materials needed to support the added weight. Variables, such as how to water the “green roof” in dry areas and if the positive environmental effects of the roof out weight the negative of using extra water.  Other variables, such as the materials needed to frame in the green roof so that it doesn’t slide off the house, especially when it rains. How many trees will have to be used for this support frame? A metal frame adds too much weight– WOW! The more I think about it, its no wonder that there are so few “green roofs”.  But it still is a great engineering project. It encourages students to learn more about why the idea originated, how it would affect ecology of the region, but it also encourages students to not be tunnel visioned about such ideas. Before one starts a “Green Roof” rally or a company to construct such roofs, check out all the variables. Count the cost.

Zack’s “Stand Up For Science” rally has energized me to do more to improve the quality of science education in Texas.

Zack said, “We must show people that there is an impending crisis in our schools. If we can show up in force and Stand Up for Science, we will get not only the attention of the SBOE, but also the media and general public. If we do that, our story can break through and shine a light on how some SBOE members are trying to set Texas students up to fail in the 21st century.

YEP! College Students know how to have a rally. YEA!  I have never seen a rally for SCIENCE!! What a smart idea.

I really hope that having College Students rallying for science will make all the SBOE members realize just how important the education philosophy behind an instructional material. Hopefully all the SBOE members will listen to what the college students have to say. You will hear them chanting for modern day 21st Century science in textbooks.

I love the enthusiasm of college kids, but find they do not have the training in school or life to make judgement calls on the content of textbooks or instruction materials that will be used state wide.  But, our SBOE members will have first hand experience of the aggressive nature that progressive education, such as CSCOPE, Common Core, and TASA’s Vision transformation materials promote.

Evaluate CSCOPE Science Lessons

I hope that the positive effect of the Stand Up for Science Rally will encourage Texans to be more concerned about the CSCOPE science lessons. I will start posting the CSCOPE 5th grade science lessons and worksheets. CSCOPE supporters are invited to send a list of everything about the lessons that they consider high-quality science that prepares students for future science courses.


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  1. I think you underestimate the knowledge of “college students” they are absolutely right in demanding a quality science education, including the teaching of concepts that have nearly universal scientific consensus. Evolution and climate change are prime example.

  2. Foundation material is important, but when using the 5E model of teaching it is not where you begin. Students should be Engaged, aloud to Explore the concept for themselves, and then and only then the teacher should Explain. This way of teaching works so much better than a teacher lead learning classroom. No student wants to sit and listen to lecture day after day and then do worksheets! Given the chance students do learn by thinking and collaborating with their classmates.

  3. Neva Kelly says:

    The Environmental/Engineering Project you describe sounds awesome… and is a prime example of Project Based Learning.

    • Janice VanCleave says:


      I have taught project based learning forever..
      But, the new progressive project based learning leaves out a major step— Introducing the foundational information. The Environment/Engineering Project is for a student that has the math skills to calculate the density of green roof— Using this, determine how to modify the roof joyces– Also if there needs to be any additional vertical supports etc………………… My point is that students do not develop critical thinking because they are given a project in which they discover everything themselves-how to calculate density–forces due to angles of support—etc….
      Instead, with teacher guidance, students are taught foundational information and with teacher clues and questions start putting past and present knowledge together to make associations–applications–etc… Now, the student is ready for the green roof project. Yes, the student will have lots of questions and the teacher now becomes the mentor.