Proof: CSCOPE Not Aligned

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CSCOPE is A Sinking Ship! Don’t Let It Take Your Child’s Education Down With It.

The following is written by a teacher….

This makes the amazing point that the whole point of purchasing CSCOPE is to have alignment, and since the spiral curriculum is completely destroyed (my conclusion) in CSCOPE…there is NO alignment! It destroys the very thing that it purports to sell to school districts.A ship with a CSCOPE flag is sinking, person on board is inviting others to jump on board.

Putting the high school and middle school social studies content aside, I’d like to comment on the total lack of continuity of skills that exists between subject areas at the elementary level.

It’s very apparent in CSCOPE that exemplar lesson writers of social studies are not aware of what the math TEKS are for a certain grade level.

One social studies lesson in Grade 3 asks the students to set up a budget. That’s a cool lesson, except the exemplar lessons asks the students to determine a suitable tax rate as it relates to a monthly income. Percentages are not taught in 3rd grade.

Another social studies lesson asks the students to set up a business, another cool idea, but the exemplar lesson wants the students to convert ounces to cups to pints to quarts to gallons. Then arrive at the cost of a cup of lemonade based on how many cups they will sell, etc. Again, these are not 3rd grade Math TEKS.

Similar expectations are placed on 2nd and 1st graders within social studies where students are required to perform ELAR TEKS within the lessons that are not grade level TEKS.

When school districts are required to follow the exemplar lessons to the letter, these expectations are not only developmentally inappropriate, they are breaking the cardinal rule of CSCOPE–STAY IN YOUR LANE (per the VAD).

I know there are issues with textbooks not being “rigorous” enough, but at least the writers of those “dinosaurs” recognize the importance of developmentally appropriate cross- curricular activities.

Following Comment by Janice VanCleave

1. CSCOPE is not for students.

2. CSCOPE is not a resource material for students. 

3. CSCOPE has only handouts that teachers can make copies of for students.

4. CSCOPE has no rigorous content because CSCOPE has no content for students. 

WE can Stop CSCOPE!! Let’s Flood Austin With Letters.

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  1. tinyteachervoice says:

    Check out the kindergarten lessons-very inappropriate. CSCOPE writers have no idea what the TEKS are-we are supposed to be able to leave feedback, but we are signed in under our names. That would cause all hell to break out-with every CSCOPE observer on the planet in my classroom. One Kindergarten social studies lesson says to put dates in chronological order by looking at the thousand’s place in the date first, then the hundred’s place, ten’s place and finally the one’s place.
    Place value is not a kindergarten math TEK-so this lesson is a waste of valuable time.

    • Thank you for this comment.
      Please send information about all CSCOPE lessons such as the one described to I personally will respond and am the only
      person who reads this mail.

      Please provide information about the CSCOPE lessons that are incorrect or like the kinder lesson are not grade appropriate.
      Parents need to know more about the content of CSCOPE. Parents need to have the specific errors pointed out. While the
      CSCOPE lessons are being posted on it may be some time before all the lessons K-12 are revised and posted.

      Parents need to know about CSCOPE now so they can decide for themselves if they want this information taught to their children.

  2. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for teacher