Petition to STOP CSCOPE

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A stop sign that says STOP CSCOPE sign.ATTENTION:
Is your child in a school that uses CSCOPE? Find out Here

If your child is in a CSCOPE school,  please consider sending the petition below to your school district superintendent.

The petition explains reasons the current curriculum being used in your school needs to be removed immediately.

If you need more information about CSCOPE, read CSCOPE Myths

The senate education committee met Jan. 31, 2013 to review the CSCOPE instruction material that has managed to placed in more than 80% of Texas school district. This is not because the material is good, but because of the unscrupulous methods used by Texas agencies created to be of service to our schools. These agencies are called Texas Education Service Centers. 


For a print ready pdf file of this petition see, Petition to Superintendents


In so far as, a growing number of citizens of Texas have demanded the removal of CSCOPE from local public schools due to evidence of substandard instructional material, illegally plagiarized lessons, anti-American sentiments, and financial impropriety, and

In so far as, Senators on the Texas Education Committee have deemed that CSCOPE warrants further investigation for not seeking legal counsel from the Texas Attorney General’s office nor from the Commissioner of Education at the Texas Education Agency, in 2009 when CSCOPE was incorporated as a 501(3)(c) non-charitable organization under the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC). It was stated that when a governmental body seeks to form a 501 (3)(c) , TESCCC should have sought legislative authority. None was sought, and

In so far as, the Texas Attorney General’s office has stated that the TESCCC is a governmental body, yet it is using public funds to develop a product, uses public dollars to pay its employees, yet has no TESCCC business office, does not post its agenda, does not allow the public into its meetings, will not allow public access to its minutes, and

In so far as, the TESCCC attempted to silence teachers by imposing a contract threatening legal action against teachers who allowed parents to view lesson content, which is in direct violation of Texas Education Code Chapter 26 E, Section 26.006, insert and

In so far as, our children deserve quality instructional materials that have been properly reviewed for integrity of content, and

In so far as, numerous school boards across the state have already held hearings at which time concerned citizens and taxpayers have expressed legitimate concerns,


I, ________________________, petition that Superintendent ____________________, issue a stop order for _________________________ Independent School District releasing teachers from mandated use of these lessons, effective immediately, pending a thorough and impartial review by state authorities.



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  1. We, at Wylie ISD, by Abilene , do not use CScope! Thank goodness!!

  2. BecknCall says:

    Here’s what CSCOPE is all about.
    It’s real and it’s here. The progressives are stealing the minds of our children as well as erasing all of the records of how Christianity influenced the founding of this nation. Know the truth. The truth lives here:

    • I saw Glenn Beck’s video on the Blaze. It is real and it is here. More parents need to be made aware; they just do not know or maybe not being told the truth. maybe the ESCs are skimming the truth to teachers and to parents. You are so right, the socialist agenda is and will continue to destroy the minds of our children. We cannot let this happen.

  3. citizenvet says:

    My comment has already been posted on this page, with a reply: “Your Comment is awaiting moderation.” In what way? Don’t you want the TRUTH? Or maybe you like candy-coatings? THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. ;

    • Not sure what you are talking about.

      Texas Education Service Centers are at the bottom of all of this. Contact your senator and representative and request that the ESCs not be allowed to sell any products. This will put a stop to CSCOPE and will not allow them to create any future materials.

      Also ask your state senator to find out why the groups Texas Association of School Administrators and Texas Association of School Boards. TASA and TASB are being financed with school taxes and why these groups are investigating ways to implement the Obama common core curriculum in our Texas Schools.

      Ask your representative to support Rep. Drew Springer HB 158 for family values.

  4. citizenvet says:

    CSCOPE NEEDS TO BE S T O P P E D !!! No child or educator should have to endure this. CSCOPE can destroy this country. Why would any school district allow such curicullum? Are they starving to death & CSCOPE would throw a few crumbs to accept this? How does that work?

    • I have not found a reason why superintendents have sold out the education of the children in their school district. I have discovered that school districts in Texas are sending millions–yes I said millions of school taxes to private professional organization called Texas Association of School Administrators and Texas Association of School Boards. Ask your school district for a financial report on money paid to TASA and TASB–you will be surprised.

  5. The more I read about CSCOPE, the more sick I get. This is unbelieveable. My husband clued into it a few weeks ago whenever he was having to sign off on schoolwork that we have no access to (lessons). We’ve got a big problem with that. We know our kids’ potential and what he is capable of, and should be harvesting that, not classifying it. I’m not done researching CSCOPE, just too infuriated to type straight.

  6. Kenneth Hodges says:

    I am in Castleberry ISD which does use CScope. My children are all grown now but, when they were in school I took a very active role in learning what they were being taught. What is going on with CScope infuriates me! I think we should demand that school district superintendents take whatever action is required to remove CScope from our schools or else the superintendent should be removed from their position.

  7. Danny R. and fin says:

    With CSCOPE and all the secrecy surrounding it, I smell a rat. I’m sure the kickback$ are flying all over the place. Texas investigators should go on the trail and find if anyone is involved in this. If they are, bring them to justice. Enough of the corruption in our public institutions.

  8. Denise McCutchan says:

    I am stunned that anyone would be party to the dumbing down of the curriculum of Texas public schools more than they have already been the past 50 years. Throw out this sham as quickly as possible!

    • I agree. Please help throw out CSCOPE and prevent something comparable from taking its place.

      Contact your state representative and senator and ask them to support House Bill #760 by representative Steve Toth. This bill requires that all curriculum be approved by the state board of education in the same manner that text books are approved.
      Find your Representatitive Here

      • I have found that calling common core methodology something else, CSCOPE, CCSS, etc is a means of sneaking it in to LISD in Lubbock! My child is being opted out of it all as of today, honor roll last year to failing all his classes!? I will not stand for this, even if I have to home school until it’s removed. So be it. Women on the wall are fighting & they will come to your community and help educate parents and anyone else!

  9. Susan Jenkins says:

    This is the biggest scam I have witnessed in 34 years of teaching. The secondary math curriculum is so very weak, and yet this is being touted as a panacea for all the public school ills. Like I’ve said over and over ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!”

  10. Keith Matthews says:

    Why are 6th Graders in Texas Designing Flags for a New Socialist Nation?

    • Keith are you serious??

    • I could not find a sample of the 6th grade curriculum just an outline. This is a way to not expose what the kids are learning about the design of the new socialist flag. There was a brief simple outline of the 5th and 7th social studies plan but not 6th grade, ???? I think there is a big secret and a scam in the public schools to follow the obama common core curriculum. Parent to demand that school districts and the TEA, Regional ESCs, along with TASA, and TASB be audited and demand that full disclosure of every aspect of funding. Bet that some crooked deals are going to be discovered.
      Time to demand public view of every aspect of the instruction our children are exposed to. This has been going on for some time and the parents are not totally aware of the destruction this common core CSCOPE involves.
      I have to only think that the superintendents have sold out their school districts to the common core of obama.

      Demand the removal of CSCOPE from our schools.