Senator Patrick Deals for FREE CSCOPE Lessons

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Sign: Clueless Is No ExcuseSome Texas Public School Superintendents Want to Use the CSCOPE Lessons.

Following are comments from different Texas School Superintendents. These comments, reported by Casey Stinnett in the Eastex Advocate Online News are not true. Instead of removing CSCOPE lessons from Texas schools, Senator Patrick’s bargain with the CSCOPE vendor resulted in allowing schools to download and store the lesson—FREE.

To make sure that schools have enough time to download and save these infamous lessons, schools have until Aug. 31, 2013. After this date the CSCOPE lessons will no longer be available for sale. The CSCOPE vendor agreed to remove the CSCOPE lessons from its files as well as all copies.

You can see the content of the letter from the directors of the illegal TESCCC organization to Senator Patrick Here.

Note that the date shown on the copy of the CSCOPE webpage below is prior to deal from the CSCOPE vendor, which was dated May 17, 2013.

CSCOPE Download Instructions Clueless Administrators


After a die-hard campaign by some conservatives and Tea Party members, the state has decided to eliminate the lesson plan component of CSCOPE, an online curriculum management system used by over 800 school districts across Texas and created by the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative.

Complaints about the lessons offered through CSCOPE centered on certain lesson plans in their social studies curriculum. Because one lesson sought to explain a few of the basic tenets of Islam, critics accused CSCOPE of being anti-Christian. Because another social studies lesson ask students to look at the American Revolution from the point of view of the British, critics said the curriculum was un-American.

For reasons no state official has yet addressed, all lesson plans in the system have been abolished, not just those few that drew complaints and not limited to only the social studies program.

Casey Stinnett is NOT very uninformed about the content of the CSCOPE lessons. This reporter did not research testimony given at the two Senate Education Committee hearings on CSCOPE or the testimonies given at the State Board of Education Committee hearing.  

Ms. Stinnett must have missed the fact that the social studies lessons had so many errors and questionable biased anti-American content–pro-Islamic and pro-socialism/communism that the lessons were to be reviewed by special committees chosen by the State Board of Education. Part of Senator Patrick’s deal was that these lessons would no be evaluated, instead the lessons would no longer be sold to schools. Nothing was said about giving the lessons away, which was happening during the deal making meeting. Why was the CSCOPE vendor so confident that Senator Patrick would accept the deal? After all, the objective was to remove the CSCOPE lessons from Texas Schools. All Senator Patrick accomplished was for the school to no longer have to pay for the CSCOPE lessons.

As Hardin ISD Superintendent Bob Parker pointed out, the change removes math and science lesson plans as well. “No one had any problems with those,” Parker said.

I am concerned that neither Ms. Stinnett nor Superintendent Parker are informed about the content of the CSCOPE lessons. Neither of them are even aware that on the CSCOPE website are explicit instructions for downloading the CSCOPE lessons.  

YES!! While Ms. Stinnett was writing this article, she and Superintendent Parker could have been spending their time copying the CSCOPE lessons, IFD, VADs, and YAGs. ALL for free. So what’s the beef?

Will Superintendent Parker continue to purchase CSCOPE? If so, what will he be paying for? 

Shepherd ISD Superintendent Jody Cronin said, “SISD staff has used the lesson plans available through CSCOPE. Not having this resource available will likely require additional time on teachers to develop their own lesson plans. I am very disappointed in the recent action to remove the lessons. Most textbooks only cover 50 percent of what is required in the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), schools (teachers) will have to find additional resources to fill in the gaps.”


Senator Patrick made a deal to provide you with Free CSCOPE lessons? 

For some teachers in small districts, the loss of the CSCOPE lesson plan will mean a consequent loss of summer vacation time as more work will now be needed from them to prepare for the next school year.

This really sounds pitiful. Wonder what educators did before CSCOPE.

While you are wondering, you can think about the $100 MILLION Dollars given to the group who sells CSCOPE to provide free materials and workshops to teachers in 2010, 2011, 2012, and in the summer of 2013. Maybe Ms. Stinnett needs to ask the superintendents if they sent teachers to these workshops.

Do you get the feeling that CASEY STINNET is a reporter who is making up news instead of reporting it?

Why are superintendents fussing about the loss of CSCOPE lessons when they are coercing teachers to copy the CSCOPE lessons, IFD, VADs, and YAGS.

“This puts an incredible burden on our schools,” said Mary Huckabay, superintendent of Hull-Daisetta ISD, “As a very small district we were dependent on CSCOPE to help us with our curriculum needs. Although some components of CSCOPE will remain, the exemplar lessons will  be removed. Never was CSCOPE the only resource we used, but it was a great help in providing ideas and different ways to present information, especially for teachers new to the profession and teachers new to a subject area. Fortunately we have very dedicated teachers and administrators on our staff who are up for the challenge.  At this point I expect teachers will put in many hours over the summer to be able to be prepared to start the new year.”

What is wrong with Mary Huckabay? I am glad that teachers at Hull-Daisetta ISD are competent because Superintendent  Huckabay doesn’t have a clue that instead of having to purchase the CSCOPE lessons, IFDs, YAGs, and VADs, she has until August 31, 2013 to download and save all of them k-12.

Laura Redden, SISD assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, had this to say:“I truly feel this will impact our teachers in the area of planning time and availability of research-based, higher level instructional resource materials.  Shepherd ISD always encourages teachers to utilize ‘all the tools in their educational toolbox’ to deliver classroom instruction. CSCOPE lesson plans have definitely been an asset to the instructional day. With planning time, teachers will be spending additional time in locating research-based materials of high rigor to use in the classroom and then mapping out how to incorporate them into their instructional day. Hence, CSCOPE lesson plans provided a map, or planning tool, for teachers to plan and teach the state mandated curriculum: Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

“Overall, I am disappointed in the legislature’s decision regarding CSCOPE lesson plans.  I feel this will be a disservice to our teachers (new and returning) who have used these materials in the classroom to enhance, provide rigor and guidance in their instruction.  I truly believe that this planning tool is one of many facets that has contributed to the successes that we have seen this spring in the area of academic achievement.  I am concerned that, if materials are chosen that are not of high rigor and research-based, districts/teachers may be creating gaps in content delivery.  Hence, students will not be prepared for state assessment measures.”

The previously statements by administrators and especially by Laura Redden needs to be investigated by parents. Something is wrong when the people in charge of what is taught to children are so uninformed. This article was posted June 10, 2013. The instructions for copying the free CSCOPE lessons and other CSCOPE lessons materials was on the CSCOPE website as early as May 16, 2013 and even earlier.

Did these administrators not receive an email from the CSCOPE vendor (TESCCC) about this?
Why did these administrators purposely provide false information to a reporter?

Why did the reporter, CASEY STINNETT, not confirm the information before posting it?
Why did the Eastex Advocate allow false information to be published?



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