Parents Said to Be Ignorant

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Comment from Someone Who Supports CSCOPE

The following comment attacks parents as well as me. I’ll list the two attacks separately.

Attack on Parent

The problem with Texas schools is the involvement of uneducated, ignorant parents – not any curriculum guide.

Response from Janice VanCleave

The curriculum guide in the previous comment is CSCOPE. I totally disagree and the scores on the state tests, STAAR/EOCs confirms that something is wrong with the curriculum being used by Texas schools. Teachers have had to give the CSCOPE assessments again and again and again so that students finally have all the correct answers memorized. The problem is that not all of the CSCOPE assessments have the correct answers.

As to parents being uneducated and ignorant!!! Only someone who supports the CSCOPE ideology of parents not being involved in their children’s education would say this.

The problem with our education system is that parents have allowed pompous educators to bully them into thinking that parents don’t understand the 21st century education method. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

What is needed is a real Texas Parent Organization that encourages every parent to be involved in the education of their children. Texas has many children who do not speak English. English speaking parents, especially those who are bilingual could help children learn to read in English. I’ve thought about volunteering so that I could learn Spanish. A kinder child whose English is lacking could learn to identify the English names of animals. It would be fun for the parent helper to hear the Spanish names. The child could feel important by teaching the parent the Spanish names. There is no way that a teacher can give individual attention to every child. With parent volunteers, the school functions better.

More parents are needed as volunteer helpers.

Fewer educators are needed who consider any parent, no matter their education, ignorant.


Lacking an education does not make parents ignorant of what is best for their children.

But, lacking concern for children makes educated people ignorant of what is needed to educate children. This is why CSCOPE is being defended by school administrators.

Attack on Janice VanCleave

Janice, would you be the same woman who seeks to sell a competing product to the schools of Texas? If so, you should identify yourself as such.

This comment is straight from the mouths of CSCOPE directors. Becca Bell at ESC Region 12 was the first CSCOPE director to indicate that I wanted to view the CSCOPE lessons so that I could copy the writing style and create a competitive product. This was her defense for not showing me the content of the CSCOPE science lessons that I had requested. I was trying to tutor elementary kids in science in Marlin ISD. Kids didn’t have science books–and the CSCOPE lessons were not to be viewed by anyone who had not signed a gag-order.

When the content of lessons being taught in public schools are not available for public viewing, including parents, something is wrong. Senator Patrick’s original content about CSCOPE was that it was a mess. The senator later in a public hearing revealed that the group working at the Texas Education Service Centers had illegally created what was called “a shell” company called TESCCC. Now public school administrators are placing their educational careers on the line to back CSCOPE. I think these administrators are examples of educated people who are not smart enough to be involved in the education of our children. They have motives other than education driving them.

The answer to your question is that I do not have a k-12 education curriculum in every subject.

Yes, I have science trade books that have been on the market since 1989–years before the ESCs banned together to produce CSCOPE. Yes, Texas educators gave purchased my books for science investigation idea and for information to add enrichment to their lessons.

What do I know about writing curriculum? During my 27 years of teaching science I developed the curriculum for every class that I taught. I determine the timeline for every class. This was done by using a textbook as my guide.

When I retired from teaching and started my professional writing career, I volunteered to assist science educators around the world. This is still being done via my science website where kids, parents, educators or anyone can obtain free science materials. I have been very transparent.

FYI: This comment is really getting old. Superintendents use it now trying to discredit the grassroots movement of removing CSCOPE and any other progressive education ideology from Texas schools.

“Would you be the same woman who seeks to sell a competing product to the schools of Texas?” 

This sounds lame. I am surprised that the CSCOPE directors consider me to have such influence that they would personally attack me.

Janice VanCleave


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  1. Tricia Lukaska says:

    correct spelling of ignorant in title? or quotes around if from accusation?

  2. cardinalphysics says:

    Janice, they SHOULD be afraid of you. Not because you are a competitor (which I do not think is a reasonable label – and I believe that I am as familiar with your work as anyone), but because you tell the truth.