Parents, Don’t Trust SB 1474

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Following are comments from Donna Garner Senate Bill 1474. I agree with her. You can see my comments about Senate Bill 1474 Here:

To view Senate Bill 1774 

Donna Garner

The problem I see with SB 1474 is that it might be setting parents up for defeat. Parents might go into their local school district waving SB 1474 around and then have the school administrators (taking their talking points from Thomas Ratliff, etc.) say that the bill does not include anything but “major shifts in initiatives.”  The school administrators can deny that they are making major shifts and, therefore, they will slither by saying SB 1474 does not pertain to them. 

I find it sad that the Texas Public School Administrators need specific rules with specific consequences to force them to allow teachers, parents and the community to provide input before selecting instruction materials that affects the entire student body, K-12. This separation of the Administration from the Teaching Staff is promoteThis does go along with the CSCOPE Curriculum Managing System, which trains school administrators to be monitoring dictators instead of educational leaders working with the teaching staff to provide the best education for all students.


We just may need to make it clear to the public that SB 1474 does not define “major curriculum initiatives” as is normally done in bills that have real “teeth” in them.  Remember that it was Sen. Duncan who sent the request to the TAG and deliberately tried to put a positive spin on CSCOPE/ESC’s.  I believe Duncan was deliberately trying to bias the TAG in favor of CSCOPE/ESC’s, and I do believe that the TAG is a bit weak on CSCOPE issues (e.g., issuing the initial opinion at the request of TESCCC). That is why I took the time to write out a formal letter to the TAG, telling them the background on CSCOPE vs. the new TEKS.


Bottom line: I do not trust Sen. Duncan, and neither do the Panhandle conservatives.

I agree with Donna.


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