Parent Suggest Removal of CSCOPE

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 A trash can with CSCOPE lessons inside. What is going on?

CSCOPE Needs to be Thrown in the Trash

Christianity is not a cult and if Allah is the Islam God, well the Islams need to keep their God, their beliefs, and certainly their teachings out of our American schools.

This country has a freedom of religion, but that doesn’t mean Islamist have a right to force their religion on American people and the Islam teachings certainly have no place in any American public school. They can practice their religion and worship their God in their own country. Don’t come to this country and force your beliefs on Americans and our children.

If Christians aren’t allowed to freely worship Jesus in school, then in no way should Islam/ Muslims be allowed to practice, worship, or force their religion or beliefs on our children in public schools where they are suppose to be being taught the skills they need to prepare them for college and the work force later in life. Not how to worship some God named Allah because the Islam/Muslims are moving here to the U.S. and expecting and demanding everyone do as their religion expects.

If we as Americans and yes “Christians” did what every race wanted us to do with their Gods and their religions, no one would learn real skills in public school to advance them in their lives. There are tens of thousands of different “Gods” different races around the world “worship”, who has time for learning about each so called “Gods” they believe in.

Leave religion, all of it, out of all schools in America. The children need to be advancing in their math, science, social studies, health, art, the things that develop young minds to become scientists, doctors, geologist, etc. Thats a real future for children. Not spending time learning about Muslim/Islam Gods and beliefs. This is imposing on everyones religious beliefs, not just “Christians.”

Think about it. I do not approve of this being taught in American public schools. Its going against all religions who may not appreciate this being taught to their children. This should definitely be removed without a second thought.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree and we need to remove all programs that give short shrift to Judaism and Christianity and promote and sanitize Islam such as CSCOPE and Common Core (in 46 states). Our children are being indoctrinated against Judeo-Christian values and Western civilization.

    However, I can’t help note the irony of Christians, who, since they founded their religion 300 years after the death of their Jewish savior, have forced Christianity down the throats of Jews to the point of persecution, kidnapping of Jewish offspring, forced conversion and death, are now incensed by the triumphalist nature of Islam.

    We Jews want to be left alone as Jews, who, not unlike Christians, feel we practice a superior faith. We love our religion, our culture and our traditions and are happy you find joy in your Jewish savior and our Jewish Bible, but this interpretation is NOT for us. Throughout history we have been enslaved, persecuted and murdered by Egyptians, Romans, Christians, Muslims, etc., but are the ONLY ancient civilization that has survived. That is a clear indication that G-d wants us to remain Jews.

    We are all born innocent and pure and must work to repair our own transgressions, if possible. No one can take responsibility or “die” for the wrongdoings that we have perpetrated.

    Live and let live and respect the faith and beliefs of others. (NOTE: Islam is a supremacist, totalitarian, misogynistic, triumphalist hate ideology masquerading as a religion).

    Janet Levy, Director
    Women Against Shariah
    Los Angeles

    • Janice says:

      I am a Christian–Think my religion is #1 just like you consider the Jewish Religion #1.
      We both do not accept the Islamic Religion–

      While our religions are different, we both strongly promote US support of Israel.

      With all said, I think we can agree that religion does not have a place in public schools.
      Knowing that there are different religions-ok. But discussing the doctrines is not acceptable.

      I hope that you will help us remove CSCOPE from our Texas Schools.
      I am 100% with you –We need to respect the faith of others. I do. But I will fight to
      prevent the Islamic ideology in our schools.