Parent Can Opt Out of CSCOPE

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The silhouette shows parents leading a child away. It is used to represent parents choosing to take their child out of CSCOPE schools. Removing Students From CSCOPE Schools is One Answer

by Janice VanCleave
Homeschooling is not for every family, nor is paying for private schools.
If you can homeschool, there are ways that provide free materials. Consider Texas’ Virtual School. IT’s FREE!!! Actually, you are paying for it with you taxes, so check it out.
I’ve reviewed a very small portion of the online science materials and I like it. What I most like about it is that parents are in charge of what their children learn. Yes, content in some books you may not agree with. It’s your option to discuss it with your child or not.
Texas school administrators can no longer be trusted provide the best materials and environment for our children. Many administrators are members of TASA and this group is working to implement Common Core. Yes, our governor said that Texas would not implement common core.
Will someone tell Governor Perry that TASA has taken over Texas Education. 
Until Texas legislatures put a stop to the devious, underhanded mission of TASA/TASB and the Texas Education Service Centers to turn Texas Education over to the Federal Government, I encourage parents to remove their children from public school if at all possible.
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  1. This is the best article I have read, thank you, I have learned a lot of knowledge in this area.

  2. Great article. Please correct some of the few typos I see and I’ll post and repost, plug and tweet! 🙂 We must win this battle and get the information out there. Awesome job with the site.

    • Vicki Dennis says:

      Texas Virtual Academy is NOT homeschooling. It is a Texas Public School without a building. Public funds follow the student to whatever public school they attend so Texas school administrators are still determining what your child is taught. Charter school students are also still subject to the ridiculously extensive high stakes Texas testing.