Educators Not Allowed To Teach

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Superintendents Forbid Teacher to Educate Students

Teachers that relate to this information, please send in comments. 

Written by a CSCOPE Teacher/Parent


I have a unique perspective on CSCOPE. I have worked in the same district for over a decade and I’ve seen fads come and go. I get to see CSCOPE from a teacher’s point of view.

I get to see it from a parent’s point of view but my access is greater than other parents due to my CSCOPE logon credentials.

I also get to see CSCOPE from the point of view of a consumer. I want to know what my daughter is learning at middle school but the parent portal is bad.

I want to invite parents into the classroom to work with struggling kids but I can’t give them our lessons due to the non-disclosure agreement.

Text Books Not Used

I have to put on a pretty face when people ask me about textbooks. We don’t use them.

Teachers Blamed

I can’t speak out against it (CSCOPE) without getting threatened or fired and out of all of this I am the one who gets the most blame if the students don’t perform.

I have no problem with being “held accountable” for test scores if I am the one who created a lesson that didn’t work.

I am being “held accountable” for being forced to use lessons that I know don’t work.

My administrator walks through my room taking pictures with the iPad making sure I am on board. How George Orwell can you get.

Parents trust me to do what is right for my students but they don’t know that I would lose my job if I did.

Dig deeper people. The teachers are not the bad guys.


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  1. Kentucky is developing new social studies standards. The standards are based on a “multi state initiative” with the drafting of a C3 Framework that was utilized to draft these standards. The C3 Framework was drafted by the same groups involved with common core. The current draft is in progress of review. There are some great concerns about these current standards. They…

    are devoid of historical content knowledge and background. We will have a new generation of adults, with these standards, that are historically illiterate.

    promote ideals of the “common good”. This isn’t entirely bad. But, while promoting the “common good” understanding of individual rights (such as rights guaranteed by the U.S. Bill of Rights), is completely absent in these standards…and, obviously without any emphasis on historical content knowledge, there is a lack of understanding of the American, or human, struggles over centuries to obtain these critical rights (that we so often take for granted). Whether this was intentionally left out to emphasize “the common good” or not, this is a serious issue within these standards.

    with the absence of historical content knowledge the standards also minimize or eliminate American identify and, instead, shift to focus on creating an identify of global citizenship. (How about creating an American identity in a global world?).

    That’s just a sampling of what is wrong with these standards. I am hoping that you will utilize your position to research and educate the public on the dangers of these standards. Kentucky, or any other state, drafting history standards in this fashion must rethink this approach.

    You can view the current draft of the standards at this weblink:

    Thank you for your time.There’s even “talk” of having graduating seniors have an emblem or symbol on their graduation caps demonstrating that they have covered these standards and are ready to enter the world as “global citizens”.

    You can view these standards here:

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      Magnolia ISD in Texas is teaching such a global citizen course.
      I voted for the Bush presidents, but was unaware of their objectives of global citizens.

      Sadly, America has a president who compares the Christian crusades with the actions of ISIS
      and who announced that American is no longer a Christian country.

  2. sofrustratedintexas says:

    Janice… I just found this by typing “how to be successful on cscope assessments” because this is my first year in 2nd grade and I feel as if I am in 3rd or 4th. The pressure to pass is HORRIBLE!! I just do not want to fail ANOTHER stupid assessment…. And how bad is that because if the kids fail I have failed in the eyes of my district. I am not “teaching” in the sense that I set out to… I am “teaching” for a test… All the b.s. paperwork our district has us do to “prove” we are using the curriculum is a waste of time.. We get the test out and teach for it. I have already failed my kids in my mind. You have are correct that we (teachers) need the organization to back us… HOW does that happen?? You sound as if you would be perfect to get that going. TEACHERS HATE CSCOPE!!

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      Thank you for speaking out.
      It is going to take more teachers like you to make a change.
      It is going to take parents who will get involved and find
      out what is really going on in their schools.

      We had a grassroots group organized with the goal of getting
      CSCOPE out of our schools. Senator Dan Patrick put out the fire ‘
      announcing that he had removed CSCOPE from our schools. Well, Senator
      Dan Patrick, all you did was mislead the public and allow the 20 ESCs to continue
      to sell their CSCOPE product under another name–TEKS Resource Managing System.

      Please contant me at

  3. Has Had It Up To Here,,,, says:

    The powers that be have virtually threatened us . They do not listen to the teachers. We need parents to get educated about this . Parents must speak up and speak out. Whenever we try, we get screamed at and threatened…I know, because I have spoken out, and I will continue to do so when I feel the need…but it may very well cost me my job. This issue is so much bigger than even the average principal or administrator realizes…it truly is a threat to be reckoned with.

  4. Drake Wolfe says:

    I don’t understand why teachers don’t protest or strike against CSCOPE. LUCKILY I don’t live in a CSCOPE district and if they become one, I am withdrawing my kid immediately.

    • cardinalphysics says:

      We have no union in Texas, we cannot strike. We have no defense against the system.

      • That is true. But the administrators have what is as close to being a union as one can get in Texas. It is called TASA. TASA has lobbyists —what do teachers have–nothing but a few organizations that collect dues and do absolutely nothing for educators. Where have these teacher organizations been while teachers in CSCOPE schools have been forced to sign gag-orders.

        Did you know that administrators use school taxes to pay their TASA membership dues and to go to conferences and workshops. This amounts of thousands of dollars. Ask your school to show you the record of payments to TASA and the TASB (school board membership dues etc.).

        Teachers need an organization that really supports them.

    • tinyteachervoice says:

      We can’t. Texas is a non union state therefore no strikes, if we protest-administrative leave. ” If you’re not on board then you need to walk the plank.” quote from our superintendent. CSCOPE is garbage, but I love my students and job.

      • It is time for teachers to have a real teacher’s organization that does more than take in Teacher Dues.

        The primary objective for joining a teacher’s organization is to have legal support if needed.
        In reference to the CSCOPE gag-order, Texas teacher organizations did not give teachers any legal support.

        I know nothing about unions–but know that the administrative and school board organizations called TASA and TASB,
        have so much funding that they are for all practical purposes a union. This is why we have CSCOPE in our schools.
        TASA/TASB do not support the STAAR testing. In fact, TASA/TASB have their members to sign a pledge that they
        will do what needs to be done to transform their school district. Think about it! If superintendents do not support
        the state testing, purchasing CSCOPE, which does not prepare students for the STAAR testing, is the best way
        discredit this testing process. The State Testing becomes more rigorous and the vertical alignment of CSCOPE
        is lacking.

        It is time for communities to stop allowing superintendents and school board members from using school taxes
        to pay their dues to TASA and TASB (professional organizations) as well as to
        pay for expenses to conferences.