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Yes, The 20 ESCs are Kicking Off a New CSCOPE ERA

The battle against the controversial CSCOPE lessons was recently ambushed by Senator Patrick’s deal with TESCCC, the illegal company created by the twenty Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs). Senator Patrick agreed to assist in the passage of HB 1685 as it relates to delaying the scheduled evaluation of the twenty ESCs until 2019. In exchange, the ESCs agreed to eliminate all CSCOPE lessons that the ESCs had on file as well as on the part of their websites. The ESCs agreed not to create any more CSCOPE lessons.

Senator Patrick failed to seek counsel before making this deal that was only beneficial to the ESCs. They have six years to get their records in order. The CSCOPE lessons had become a financial burden and no longer being responsible for these biased, anti-American, incorrect lessons was a bargain deal for the ESCs.

While Senator Patrick made the news with his announcement that the ERA of the CSCOPE lessons is over, school districts were saving the CSCOPE lessons. Some school administrators requested that teachers save the CSCOPE lessons, other administrators save all the K-12 CSCOPE lessons as shown in the following email sent to teachers in one school district.

From: Texas School Administrator
Sent: Friday, May 24, 2013 9:23 AM
To: All Accounts– Teachers in the School District
Subject: CSCOPE Lessons
Good morning everyone! I’m sure you heave heard by now that there was a compromise at the state level dealing with CSCOPE. CSCOPE has agreed to remove all lesson plans after Aug. 1st. We also understand that there are many valuable lessons within CSCOPE, in addition to many other resources that you have utilized over the past few years.
That said, we are in the process of ensuring that those lessons will not be lost. Eduphoria will house the proper curriculum documents as we move into next year and beyond. So, those of you that were/are frantically running copies of every lesson in CSCOPE….. relax and enjoy the last few days of school!
Department of Academic Programs

With the help of some Texas Legislatures, including Senator Patrick, and State Board of Education members, including Thomas Ratliff, the first skirmish to eliminate anti-American, pro-Islamic, along with incorrect CSCOPE lessons was lost. Instead of eliminating the CSCOPE lessons, the 20 Texas Education Service Centers have given school districts who continue to pay CSCOPE fees to the ESCs the right to copy and use the CSCOPE lessons in 2013-2014 and beyond. Via loop holes in educational codes, CSCOPE lessons will be used in schools that have administrators with vested interested in the CSCOPE curriculum.

A friend sent the following video to me. While the video does not address CSCOPE or Common Core, it is a reminder that we cannot put the whole load of keeping America free on our military.

Our Military puts their lives on the line. While our Military makes sacrifices for every American, some Texas public school children are dressing in burquas ……. being taught that the terrorists who flew planes into the twin towers should be called “Freedom Fighters.”  One news worthy CSCOPE lessons about the Boston Tea Party being an act of terrorists is explained as being a view from the perspective of the British at the time of the event. There is no excuse for presenting The Boston Tea Party as a terrorist attack, nor describing the police breaking into the house of a person named “Paul Revere” where drugs were found. For the later, students were to identify the Bill of Rights that prevents such actions.

Parents were never given access to all of the CSCOPE lessons. Ask your school superintendent if CSCOPE lessons have been saved.

I am encouraging all Americans to take a stand against CSCOPE and Common Core. More blogs will be forthcoming giving information about these educational instruction materials. Terms that will be red flags include: progressive, authentic, project based learning, 21st Century learning, online curriculum.

Our Military puts their lives on the line in foreign countries every day to keep us safe.

Within our borders is a war just as important. Enemies are reprograming the minds of our children. This is being done by teaching our children to question the social and moral values taught at home. 

This is being done by training students that they have the right to make their own choices.
CSCOPE and Common Core promote “student focused classrooms.” This sounds good, but what it means is that students are in control of what they learn. Teachers are being phased out. 

We must get involved in the education of all American children. 

Please stand with our military to defend our country from enemies that want to destroy the American way of life. 

Local school districts still have control over what children are taught. More about this later. For now, view the video. I hope that it encourages you to want to get involved and make sure your school district is educating children instead of indoctrinating them. If you want to be part of the Texas Education Patriots who will continue to fight against the progressive education being promoted by the 20 Texas Education Service Centers via CSCOPE and other such programs, contact me at:

Janice VanCleave

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