Negative CSCOPE Purposes

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CSCOPE trains administrators to vilify veteran teachers. By Dr. Stan Hartzler


          A.  Teaching a test: state school board member Patricia Hardy stated (11/15/2012, SBOE Committee on Instruction) that CSCOPE exam questions are very much like the STAAR exam questions.  Such would certainly be a selling point with school superintendents, school boards, and principals who hope that students look good on the STAAR exam —  with or without education.

State Board of Education members, Pat Hardy and Thomas Ratliff, are promoting CSCOPE, which gives CSCOPE an unfair marketing advantage. While Pat Hardy compares CSCOPE exams with STAARs exams, has she  seen actual CSCOPE tests on grammar/usage?  Has Hardy seen actual STAAR/EOC questions on grammar/usage?  Since grammar/usage is out of Hardy’s  field of expertise, is she skilled enough to compare the two sets of test questions and make a credible statements saying that they are similar?  Yea or Nay, Pat Hardy has said that CSCOPE questions are like the STAAR exam questions. What is her motive for revealing information about the STAARs test that she has been held to secrecy about? Comment by Janice VanCleave

           B.  Principal control: CSCOPE gives principals a checklist system for knowing if teachers are teaching what CSCOPE dictates, and how CSCOPE dictates.  This helps insure that teachers are not supplementing with strategies and additional content that would help students get a good education.  Principals are trained in strategies for enforcement, giving non-compliant teachers written reprimands, extra reading assignments, and observation requirements.

                   Experienced teachers capable of spotting CSCOPE weaknesses from the outset are put on the defensive, being described in August pre-service meetings as “entrenched” and unwilling to try to adjust to new approaches.

           C.  Perpetuation of ignorance: much social and political pressure weighs against schools’ giving students effective learning opportunities, to instead give families a charade of learning.  Whether CSCOPE’s intent includes such purpose, the effects are there.  Among the negative forces aided by CSCOPE are

  • remediation industries
  • racists and sexists
  • politicians needing puppet votes and clamor for more funding
  • social managers wanting disadvantaged students to stay disadvantaged
  • counter-culture advocates wanting revolution in attitude and faith
  • seditionists wanting to weaken national economy and defense


Evidence for some of the forgoing is found in the list of consultants and others whose work and writings have inspired various aspects of CSCOPE and its heavy-handed implementation.  The common threads running through the list are socialist political agendas and involvement in failed education adventures.


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