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Why are many Texas parents choosing to homeschool their children? 

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One of many reasons is that Texas elementary schools are failing to teach children reading, writing and math. The results of the Texas State Tests confirm this.
Just in case someone that can actually make changes in what is taught in our Texas elementary schools reads this, I have the answer to the education problems in Texas: DUH! ASK Teachers whose students excell on the state tests what they do. 

I know many elementary teachers whose students do well on the Texas State Tests. Teachers forced to use the CSCOPE instruction materials say they are not allowed to do their very best. Some even “sneak” instructions they know students should have. This is often done when administrators are out of the building. Is this why parents in your community have chosen to homeschool? Would you homeschool if you could?

The CSCOPE vendor promotes the idea that textbooks that do not have revised state standards printed in the book are not useful. HOGWASH!  Having the Texas TEKS in a textbook doesn’t change the content of the book. New editions of a textbook have very few changes in the text content–new pictures to give the book a new face, but the text content is basically the same. The CSCOPE vendor knows this but promotes this untruth and administrators tell it to parents demanding textbooks. [Administrators continue to use this lame excuse to explain their using textbook funds to purchase CSCOPE.]

The CSCOPE lessons have been shown to have incorrect, biased lessons written by unidentified authors.

The CSCOPE vendor proposed the plan of not selling the CSCOPE lessons if Senator would help delay the evaluation of the CSCOPE vendor. BTY–The CSCOPE vendor is a group of 20 Texas State Agencies called Education Services Centers.

Some Texas Administrators are going to extremes to keep the CSCOPE lessons against the wishes of the State Senate Education Committee and parents. These Texas Public School Administrators are also paying the CSCOPE vendor a fee for what is left of the CSCOPE Instruction Material. Without lessons, basically teachers will be given the TEKS, which are posted for free on the Texas Education Website.

FYI: The CSCOPE vendor was paid about $100 million dollars to create materials for Texas educators. All Texas School Districts can have free copies of this information. The CSCOPE vendor never advertised this free material, instead promoted and sold CSCOPE. Click here for information about these free materials that can replace CSCOPE. 

Why would parents want their children to attend a public school with administrators that obviously are not concerned about providing good quality instruction materials? Many Texas Parents have chosen to homeschool and with good reason.

Because the CSCOPE lessons are not to be used, some Texas Administrators are revealing that they think their staff is not qualified to teach using textbooks. This is not true. If it were true, it would indicate that these administrators are not doing their job in hiring qualified educators.


 Texsas school administrators seem not to understand that the state standards (TEKS) describe the minimum that is to be taught.

The CSCOPE vendor promotes the idea that there are toooo many TEKS. Thus, without the bundling and scheduling of TEKs, teachers are just not qualified to figure out how all of the TEKS can be covered.

  • The CSCOPE vendor insults the abilities of Texas teachers. [Why haven’t the Texas Teacher Organizations objected to this?]
  • The CSCOPE vendor vilifies veteran teachers who recognize the many flaws in the CSCOPE instruction material. [Why are Texas Administrators not standing up for the teachers that they hired. If the teachers in a school district are not qualified to teach, then the administrators and school board members who hired them need to be replaced.]

The CSCOPE Managing System trains administrators to micromanage teachers, to make sure they follow the CSCOPE scope and sequence. The progressive CSCOPE material does not emphasize CONTENT–Reading, Writing and Math is a bit fuzzy. This is a really good reason for parents to take their children out of public schools and homeschool. 

Teachers in Texas Schools are required to teach materials that align with the TEKS. This is no big deal. Master teachers are those who use the state standards as a bare skeletal framework and put some meat on the skeletal bones. In the past, new teachers were mentored voluntarily by master, veteran teachers. It is what all teachers do–they teach.

Administrators forcing teachers to use progressive instruction materials, such as CSCOPE and the Vision Learning materials from TASA, lower the standard of education in their schools. Only the TEKS are taught; only the TEKS are drilled and drilled.This goes along with the goal of both CSCOPE and TASA to achieve equal education (aka common language) throughout Texas.

  • The problem is that they have lowered the bar so that every child has the same instructions and thus an equal education.
  • But, Texas parents want the public schools to provide an equal opportunity for all kids to progress to the very best of their ability.
  • Texas does not want the Even Playing Field described by CSCOPE and TASA—Texas want kids to be given the tools –reading, writing and math–to build their own playing field.

CSCOPE and the Vision Learning programs now being sold by TASA (yes the group being supported by your school taxes) have a socialist agenda. This is an excellent reason for parents to remove their children from Texas Public Schools and teach them at home.

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