More CSCOPE Schools Fail

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A Perfect Example of Rigor

CSCOPE Study                                                         March 2013
My business class asked me what was CSCOPE, and if it worked. I told them, let’s find out if schools that use it score better or worst compared to schools that do not use it . To this end we took a list of CSCOPE schools and a list of STAAR scores from public schools statewide.   Each class member took a portion of the 1000 or so Texas public schools and recorded the test results in a spread sheet.  We compared algebra I, biology, writing 1 and geography. Here is what we found
Percent of test takers scoring unacceptable on STAAR test –
Algebra I
CSCOPE                   20.35%      48% more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE
Non- CSCOPE         13.74%
CSCOPE                14.86%      42% more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE
Non- CSCOPE       10.50%
Eng Writing I
CSCOPE                  46.30%    19.57% more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE
Non- CSCOPE       39.48%
CSCOPE                 23.30%    37.06%  more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE
Non- CSCOPE      17.78%
Average 36.67% higher unsatisfactory rate among CSCOPE students on all test.

*Over 950 Texas ISDs surveyed
Data from

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  1. We are using it because we are forced to as our jobs depend on it. most of us are riding it out until it changes or we find other jobs. when Cscope lessons where going to be taken off the internet all the teachers where instructed by Gil-Rey Madrid, at fort stockton high school, to down load everything and save it to use for next year. one teacher at middle school was re-assigned because they refused to use it.

  2. I think this is the most stupid thing in the world you would have to kill me before i do this program im not learning about mussliums im cristian i dont want people that are anti-christian to be trying to teach me musslium!!!! I want to go to prom and not being home schooled!!!!!!!!

  3. Teachers in some CSCOPE schools are so micromanaged by the administration they are not allowed to make decisions on the educational merit of curriculum.
    In Marlin ISD in Central Texas, 25 of the high school teachers resigned in May, 2013. All of the coaches including the head coach resigned. The head coach’s children attended another another school district because the education level in Marlin is so low.

    When a small school district has to replace almost 3/4th of its staff because of the CSCOPE Managing System, something is wrong. TEA has no clue what to do. LeadYourSchool has been paid $60,000 that Marlin doesn’t have to train the administrators and educators to use every second drilling kids for the STAAR. I can see the teachers standing in the restrooms asking questions. I’ve volunteered to help the 5th grade science teacher–if they can find one to hire.


  1. […] I defer to the folks in the classroom to decide whether the materials have educational merit. If CSCOPE is leading to lower test scores, as one blogger claims, then why wouldn’t teachers be running as far and as fast as they can from the […]