Llano Disrespectful of Parents

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Llano Lemmings

This article and unless otherwise stated, everything written on this website is written by Janice VanCleave. If you wish to correspond with me directly,
use this email address:

The Llano Administrators and Llano teachers were paid with school taxes to stand against the Llano parents and others in the Llano community. The issue? CSCOPE Lessons.

It was a sea of orange at the Burnet County Courthouse Annex on Friday and most were in favor of the “right to choose” but not how you might think. They support the right to choose what lesson plans they use in the classroom and the orange represents Llano ISD.

Much like lemmings following each other over a cliff, the orange sea of Llano Lemmings are playing follow the leader.

Parents opposing the Llano administrators and Llano teachers are not questioning a teacher’s judgement. They are questioning using an unvetted, instruction material called CSCOPE.

Those supporting CSCOPE are supporting the Common Core teaching philosophy, which is called a progressive constructivist method.

CSCOPE, Common Core as well as the Vision Learning materials sold by TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators) puts social development and moral development at top of their educational objectives with with subject content as third.
This CSCOPE philosophy frowns on the traditional teaching of “Reading–Writing–and Arithmatic.”

The Progressive Teaching Philosophy is accomplished by promoting the rights of students—such as,

  • Students have the right to decide what they want to read or if they want to read. This is called authentic reading.
  • Students have the right to work in groups and as a group their work is not visible to parents unless the parents of every student gives permission. Doubt this—This last school year a  parent of an elementary student was not allowed to see a video made of a class project completed by her son and his partner.
  • Students have the right to determine what they think about historical events and to decide for themselves if they are important. Students have the write to decide if the American Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights are applicable in this modern 21st Century. Basically, the CSCOPE progressive Constructivist teaching philosophy is to guide students to aggressively question the social, moral, and religious standards taught them by their parents. Students are also guided to question why they should have any loyalty to their country. Some CSCOPE lessons set the stage that guides students to question their parents. 


The CSCOPE Directors have been telling parents that they do not know what their child should be taught. Read the Important Note shown below from a copy taken from the CSCOPE Parent Portal.  

The Llano administrators and Llano Teachers have let Llano parents know whose the boss.

The  opinions of Parents in Llano and in other CSCOPE school district are not being respected.

Parents are considered not to have enough education to understand the New 21st Century Teaching Methods.

Just keep paying those school taxes.

Keep supported those school athletic events.

The school administration and teachers are smarter than you and will decide what your child should learn.

  • A copy of a section from CSCOPE's parent portal, which confirms just how useless this is. False transparency.


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  1. Josef D. Pinter. says:

    I think someone needs a hobby.
    I have reviewed all available materials, and spoken to teachers in Mason, and read this whole little web site of yours.
    James Madison said something about how we shouldn’t go around seeking monsters to slay. That’s what your little crusade appears to be…a search for a Jabberwocky.
    Calm down.
    Informing kids about Islam is not the same as promoting Islam…nor is it the same as denigrating Christianity.
    Being open and honest about the less than stellar effects of what we call “Capitalism” is not the same as advocating Communism.
    Being truthful with our kids about the numerous times that the USA has done bad things(slavery,genocide,cointelpro,torture,etc) is not “anti-American”.
    There are real Monsters to slay…but none of those are addressed on your web site.
    Shall I list my top 2?
    1. Why is there a mere semester, each, of Economics and Civics required?
    Seems like you folks would be all for a more thorough explication of the American System of Government. I have known many Seniors who are completely unaware of their Bill of Rights. Similarly, I have been hard pressed to locate a single recent graduate(or anyone else, for that matter) who can define “Capitalism”, “Socialism”,or “Communism”….the usual response is a Glenn Beckian talking point.
    2. Why are there no required classes/lessons in Philosophy,Logic, or Reasoning?
    These are about learning How to Think…which should be at the very Foundation of the Educational System.
    The most Recent Texas GOP Platform has a plank that specifically advocates against “Critical Thinking”…which I find both remarkable and ludicrous.
    As for CScope, it appears to be Voluntary….subject to Local Control. Are you really pushing for a more centralised Education System?
    As for Common Core…I can find nothing disagreeable about having a set of standards to shoot for.
    A look at the numbers indicates that we are far behind the rest of the developed world in Science and Math, as well as Reading and all the rest.
    Americans are woefully unaware of their Rights, and History.
    This is shameful…and your Crusade is contributing to such willful ignorance and anti-intellectualism.
    I stand ready to defend everything I’ve touched on , here…with vigor.
    Vincit Omnia Vertas,
    Josef.D. Pinter.
    Mason, Texas.

  2. I have had it with you speaking your own version of the truth. Let’s call a spade a spade. You are angry because CSCOPE would not partner with your mother and use her materials in the curriculum. This curriculum that you so say is so riddled with errors! It is a wonder you would want to associate with it. You then wanted to profit from CSCOPE yourself and tutor children with materials that you had not purchased the right to use. If the materials were so bad why would your mother want her book associated with them? Why would you want to use them to tutor? As a tutor, private citizen and person being paid to teach it is your duty to supply your own materials.

    It seems to me money, or your lack there of is the issue. I do not think that you even realize what a puppet you have become in this political game. I am a very tolerant person who feels that just because I have one point of view and you have another, I do not need to convince you to change your mind. However, the tactics that you and your followers, or lemmings as you so called the Llano parents, use are deplorable. Is it so hard for you to see that you are guilty of the same “crimes” that you accuse CSCOPE of? Value the rights of this community to choose. Quit using fear mongering and disproven information as fact. It is sad that your life has spiraled into this hole that I am not even sure you know how to stop. The fact is that if someone disagrees with you they are lemmings and one has differing opinions than you they are anti american.
    Let us put this in the pot. Patrick sent a letter out to superintendents the week that it was announced that the CSCOPE lessons were to be taken down. In this letter he recommend schools look to Pearson. I wonder how much money was pushed around in that deal. If you are so worried about the Common Core invading our classrooms why were you not screaming foul? Are you so ignorant to think that Pearson is only writing material for Texas standards when they are not even based in Texas? Are you so ignorant to think that any textbook company for that matter actually writes their material with our standards in mind. 45 other states have adopted a common set of standards. They are writing their material for the masses and then changing the TEKS numbers on the Texas text books. CSCOPE is really the only product out their written specifically towards our TEKS.
    I am a teacher and a darn good one. I use CSCOPE. It helps me bundle my standards into a manageable scope and sequence. It gives me examples for ways to deliver material. It provides me with assessment tools and guides to help me better understand my standards…. MY TEXAS standards! I use the lessons for ideas and then look to the needs of my children and make individual choices about my instruction. I use text books, online resources and other local material ALL in my lessons along with the ideas from CSCOPE. I am a teacher and I make the decisions about MY kids in MY community… did I mention… I am a darn good one!

    • Janice VanCleave says:


      I am Janice VanCleave–the author of the materials on this website unless otherwise stated.

      Your information is all jumbled ——- I, Janice VanCleave, have never wanted to partner with CSCOPE.
      Ginger Russell never tutored the Marlin ISD elementary students.
      I asked to see the material being used to teach the children because they did not have science or math textbooks.
      The homework sheets were copied from some purchased workbook and it didn’t have examples, nor did it list the TEKS for the lessons.

      I requested information —- I was told that CSCOPE instruction materials were used. Because the CSCOPE material was copyrighted only those who
      had signed a non-disclosure contract could view the material—-not even parents. No textbooks and the material being taught to the children
      could not be viewed. I asked for copies of the worksheet, thinking that at least they would have examples and some research information. These were
      also copyrighted and could not be seen.

      I took my request to ESC Region 12. Same response.
      I took my request to Barbara Cargill and she contacted Becca Bell at Region 12. Same response.
      Barbara Cargill requested to view the CSCOPE material and was also told that she would have to sign a non-disclosure contract.
      And so forth and so on.

      Now the tweeked CSCOPE lessons are posted on the web. They are different–they have not internet references. New material has been added. At least they are better for those who have fought to keep them.

  3. Keesha Fly says:


    The Superintendent and the teachers of our district do not stand against the parents and citizens of Llano. Either you have been grossly misinformed or you have misconstrued the events that occurred. You see, the injunction that was filed was done so by 6 people. (The majority of whom are connected to the TEA Party…) That is hardly representative of our community. These six people completely overstepped their bounds. Not only because they obviously have ulterior motives but they never went to our superintendent or school board to discuss this issue. They went straight to a lawyer. That is not how people with the best interest of the students should go about things.

    Our new superintendent DID create a CSCOPE committee, which consisted of: parents, teachers, community members, business leaders, prior teachers and retired administrators. I served on this committee. We were then broken into sub-committees to research the CSCOPE materials, interview teachers, research alternative materials that could be used, visit other explemplary campuses (with similar traits as LISD) that had used CSCOPE and campuses that did not use CSCOPE and several other committees. The state did away with CSCOPE, as it had been, so we really no longer needed the committee.

    No, I am not a teacher in Llano. However, I am an educator and I have two children that attend Llano schools. I have not examined every lesson and assessment in each subject and I don’t want to! That is the job of the teacher. I go over everything my children do in school and am very involved in their ENTIRE educational experience. There may be errors in some of the lessons/assessments. But, you can find errors and gaps in pretty much any curriculum you choose. Hence, the reason so many school districts chose to use CSCOPE. That said, our teachers are not only educated professionals, they are deserving of more respect than they received that day in the court room.

    Here in Llano, Texas, we have OUTSTANDING teachers and a new Superintendent who is AMAZING. Our superintendent was showing our teachers the respect that they deserve to have because they have EARNED that respect by allowing them the freedom to choose what materials they wanted to use to teach our children what they need to learn and hopefully provide the best education possible. There are some parts of the CSCOPE curriculum that are useful and some that aren’t (just as you find in any curriculum resource). Llano ISD teachers have been given respect and trust to do their job to the best of their abilities. They also have accountability and administrators who are willing to work with them in any way to make sure they have what they need to do their job. That includes using a CSCOPE resource if they so choose. That is how it should be! Educators should not be told that they MUST use any particular resource and should not be told that they MUST NOT use a particular resource. Restricting the use of a particular item is censorship. Censorship has no place in our schools.

    And just an FYI… I, personally, DO NOT like CSCOPE. I don’t want someone to use it exclusively with my children and it wouldn’t bother me at all if CSCOPE disappeared! But, I will not throw my values and class aside to try to force my beliefs onto another. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But, right is right and wrong is wrong. This injunction filed against LISD was WRONG. The people who filed it were WRONG. The women who showed up and bullied and yelled at our superintendent, administrators and parents who were there were WRONG. YOU were WRONG write this article in the manner in which you did. You used our town and our district to try to further your own agenda. It was WRONG. The only people there that day who did what was RIGHT were the ones there to SUPPORT our superintendent and teachers. Those of us who filled that courtroom in our Orange and Black school colors were citizens, teachers and parents doing what was RIGHT. We were all standing together in unity supporting what was RIGHT. We all love our town, our schools and our children and we will fight for what is RIGHT for them. No one else has the right to besmirch our community or our schools or our citizens in the manner you did. Especially without taking the time to research the facts. Llano ISD has always been a great district and will continue to be an amazing place in which to live, grow and learn. Sting ’em!


    Keesha Fly
    (not Kessa)

  4. Keesha Fly says:

    It’s interesting how people like you are so quick to call other people names when they disagree with your beliefs. It’s ok for you to call out others who don’t agree with you? You do realize that it is possible for people to have differing opinions on a subject and neither be “wrong”? It is the behavior of people like you that completely discredit what you are preaching to others. Also, if you are going to purport yourself as some kind of “expert” on CSCOPE, you might do a little more proof reading. Posting articles with grammatical/spelling errors doesn’t help your cause. You might want to try backing up your claims with factual evidence. Also, it’s easy to bash and call people out in a cowardly manner such as this. Maybe you need to take a course on writing and publishing. Maybe you should stand behind what you say not only with grace and poise, a little proofreading and FACTUAL INFORMATION with evidence rather than opinions or hear-say, BUT ACTUALLY SIGN YOUR NAME. People who want to bash others publicly and won’t sign their name are nothing but cowards.

    • Kessa,
      You are correct, my articles only have Janice as the author. I have updated this to Janice VanCleave.

      I invite you to help me understand why the Llano school superintendent and teachers are standing against parents and the Llano community in reference to CSCOPE.

      Would it not have been a better solution for the Superintendent to have ask parents to be part of a review committee to evaluate the CSCOPE materials?

      Kessa, Are you a teacher in Llano?

      Have you evaluated every CSCOPE lesson and assessments in at least one grade level subject?

      Have you followed a specific subject concept, such as forces, from K-12 CSCOPE lessons to confirm that there are no gaps
      in the information?

      Have you confirmed that any errors presented in the elementary grades are not carried through from K-12?
      Yes, I have done this and more for the CSCOPE Science materials.

      I would like to work with a 5th grade teacher who supports the CSCOPE instruction materials. Since the CSCOPE lessons have been declared public domain, the 5th CSCOPE lessons can be published on this website and comments from me and the CSCOPE teacher can be added. The public needs to know the pros and cons for the CSCOPE instruction material.
      Janice VanCleave

  5. Are you kidding me? Get your facts straight. It was a sea of Orange parents supporting our LISD and their amazing teachers!!

  6. sea of orange says:

    You are amazing! You spin everything to suit your agenda. That statement you point out and spin to make parents think CScope is saying parents do no know what is best is frankly ignorant. It is obviously a statement meant to let parents know that it is not a one size fits all curriculum. In other words, the local district knows it’s students better than CScope does…so it can be customized to suit the needs of the students you are serving. Hate and the propaganda to promote hate are a very Hitleresque idea. Funny that you are such a hypocrite!

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      Why use CSCOPE knowing that it has many errors?

      Many CSCOPE schools have not given teachers options to make changes in the CSCOPE material.
      CSCOPE is a one-size-fits all instruction material to be used so that every Texas teacher teaches
      the same material during the same time period, thus kids can move from one Texas school to another
      across Texas and be on the same page as the kids in their new school. This is called common language and
      was promoted as one of the biggest benefits of using CSCOPE.

      If schools allow teachers to customized the lessons or change the time schedule, then CSCOPE’s #1 selling point of
      accommodating transient students is destroyed. Look back over news articles about CSCOPE and you will discover how the description of the CSCOPE product has evolved. In the original CSCOPE whitepaper– one point needed for its success is that teachers many not alter the material.

      The ESC/CSCOPE director printed on their website that administrators and teachers know what is best.

      Parents have been denied access to the CSCOPE content.
      Administrators and ESC/CSCOPE directors have stated that tutoring by parents or anyone is not needed. Instead,
      CSCOPE teachers will do all the tutoring.

      The description of what CSCOPE is has miraculously evolved in a few short months.

      A previous email called me a coward because my article did not include my full signature. I corrected this on this website. Janice VanCleave is listed for every article that I write from now on.
      And your name is?

      Since 5th grade students are tested in science, how about asking the 5th grade science teacher(s) at Llano to explain everything that is positive about the CSCOPE 5th grade science lessons and worksheets. I’ll post these lessons and the positive review and my review, which I will point out everything positive as well as everything negative. If my negative comments are incorrect, I will gladly admit and publish my error–and feature it on the website site.