Is Katy ISD Misusing School Taxes?

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Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) is headed to Los Angeles  to the national conference to hear Linda Darling-Hammond talk about Common Core Standards —


Why are Texas administrators spending tax money to find out about a government program that Texas governor, Gov. Perry said will not be implemented in our schools?


 Following is a list of school tax money that was used by the Katy ISD for administrative membership fees to TASA/TASB and miscellaneous other administrative organizations. Why are taxes being used for organization membership fees. Teacher pay their own fees to professional organizations. Teachers do not use tax monies and have time off to go to different professional conferences, and teacher conferences are not financed by school taxes.

Decide for yourself if Katy ISD is misusing school taxes. Let me know what you think.


A list of funds spent  for private organizations that administrators belong to. Is this a misuse of tax funds?




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  1. D.Fiegener says:

    In the description of the conference (go to link) are listed the speakers as well as a host of THOUGHT LEADERS” I’m not surre what THOUGT LEADERS are but I think I have a good idea. Scary!

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