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A Superintendent and School Board Members have Egg on their Faces

BAD Administrators have egg on their faces.

Question: Which School Superintendents and School Board Members Purchased CSCOPE Without Evaluating IT?

The ones who have egg on their faces.

Questions to Ask  Your Superintendent and School Board Members:

Why did Superintendents and School Board Members take the word of the ESC representatives that CSCOPE would prepare their students for the STAAR and EOCs?

How do they explain that the CSCOPE lessons that they paid so much money for have been dumped?

How do they explain that they did not review the CSCOPE lessons, instead only took the word of the ESC representative that CSCOPE lessons were just what were needed by teachers? They then discredited veteran teachers who told the truth about the lack of quality and how incorrect the CSCOPE lessons are.

How do they now explain to parents that they did not have teachers in the school evaluate the CSCOPE lessons?

How do they explain to parents that the people they have vilified, have been correct all along, that CSCOPE lessons are not good?

How do the superintendents and school board members who have fought against parents and the community in continuing to purchase CSCOPE?

One school district called an emergency meeting to vote for CSCOPE before a new conservative school board could be elected. How is the superintendent and school board members going to explain this action?

How do school superintendents and school board members explain why even when the state board of education was asked to review the CSCOPE lessons, they purchased CSCOPE?

Some superintendents have already asked their teachers to copy the CSCOPE lessons to use next year. Do parents have to file legal charges to protect their children from superintendents and school board members?

The superintendents and school board members who purchased CSCOPE and defended it did  not fulfill the duties of their position. In fact, they have discredited their position. Instead of being guards filtering out poor quality, biased instruction materials, these school leaders purposely implemented CSCOPE with lessons so bad they have been dumped.

There are so many questions to ask. Maybe you can send comments with more.


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  1. jbill46 says:

    For several years our superintendents and curriculum directors have been pushing us to incorporate these horribly written lessons and tests into our plans, knowing that our own plans were proven to be effective and were already producing exemplary scores. What materials are our superintendents going to tell those veteran teachers to use now? Are they looking to make another major purchase of unproven curriculum materials, or are we going to have to write our own lessons to replace all those dropped CSCOPE lessons? In which case, I’m certain that we would not be paid a fraction of what our districts have paid over the years for the CSCOPE plans! Or, are they going to have to tell us veteran teachers to go back to our file cabinets and get out those inferior lessons that we’ve been forbidden to use for the past couple of years? I can’t wait to find out!