How Low Will They Go?

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Warning! Teachers Do Not Copy CSCOPE Lessons

School Superintendents Continue to Degrade Office

Superintendents are responsible for purchasing CSCOPE and now these same superintendents want their teachers to copy banned lessons. 
Superintendents don’t want to be blamed for copying the CSCOPE lessons. Let the teachers do it.  
These same superintendents are responsible for forcing teachers to sign a non-disclosure document with CSCOPE that specifically states that they will not copy or download the CSCOPE lessons. While Senator Patrick said this contract was not effective, teachers have not been officially released from this contract.
Now CSCOPE directors are asking teachers to download the CSCOPE lessons so they can be used in classes next year. How Low Will This Group Go?
My advise to teacher is not to copy the CSCOPE lessons. Do not be responsible for using banned instruction material in your classroom. You can count on your superintendent NOT  backing you up.
Teacher Comment 

My school has used CSCOPE since its inception. CSCOPE is the most dreadful, worthless pile of garbage known to education.

The 1st year the lessons appeared to have been written by a trained monkey-misspellings, mistakes and inaccuracies. While the grammar improved some, the lesson content  got worse. Plus the lessons changed every year. Our superintendent must have stock in CSCOPE. Each year we are reminded that if we didn’t stay on board we needed to leave.  We are told that we must  teach these awful lessons with fidelity (new CSCOPE buzz word) and for any program to show results it would take at least 3 years. Three years? Its been 7 years with failing students. I think that the purpose of CSCOPE must be to fail our kids. Teachers know that this is wrong, but we have families to feed. If we lose our jobs we lose our health insurance. Actually this has become so high we are stretched just to pay for it.

Today our principal informed teachers that they need to copy the CSCOPE lessons so that they could be used next year.
Since the superintendent was responsible for teachers signing the non-disclosure contract with CSCOPE, a written release from this contract needs to be provided each teacher. Seems to be the administration can copy the CSCOPE lessons. As usual teachers are to be responsible. If teachers copy the CSCOPE lessons, then they will be the ones legally responsible for using lessons that the senate education committee said shouldn’t be used. What a mess and our superintendent who is responsible for protecting educators and students is the enemy.
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