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Rider 42 Replaces CSCOPEThe Controversial CSCOPE Lesson Plans were never needed and should never have been prepared and sold to Texas Public Schools.

In 2010, the 20 State Education Service Centers (ESCs) created, promoted, and sold CSCOPE Instruction Materials said to be aligned to the new Science and ELAR TEKS. CSCOPE summer workshops for implementing the new revised science CSCOPE lesson plans were given.  According to the 20 ESCs, Texas educators did not understand these new rigorous science TEKS and small school districts asked the ESCs to develop something they could afford to help educators. Note: ELAR TEKS were also revised and were to be introduced during the 2010-2011 school year.

The 20 ESCs came to the rescue of Texas Schools –oops! CSCOPE was already in Texas Schools and had been since 2006. But with the new revised state standards, the 20 ESCs started reporting that teachers were going to need assistance with these new TEKS. Also, the 20 ESCs repeated to the news media that there are SO MANY TEKS that it would be hard for educators to cover them all except for the skillful bundling and scheduling of the TEKS by unknown, unidentified CSCOPE authors. As a real deal clincher, the 20 ESCs gave administrator assurance that the CSCOPE scheduling for each subject at each grade level guaranteed that all TEKS would be presented. Of course this depended on having CSCOPE monitors keeping teachers on the schedule. It was pointed out that teachers will spend an abnormal amount of time on their “favorite” subjects if not closely supervised.

Veteran teachers immediately recognized the CSCOPE material as being the product of a smart group of con-artists with a cleaver “telemarketer dialog” that seemed to answer all questions. But in reality was double talk with new meanings for common education terms. Teachers who spoke out were identified by the ESC/CSCOPE directors as not wanting to upgrade to the modern 21st Century method of teaching.

With CSCOPE’s  progressive, constructivist, 21st century teaching philosophy schools would save a lot of money. In fact, the Texas State Comptroller praised the 20 ESCs for providing such an inexpensive Educational Curriculum. As an added benefit to CSCOPE being inexpensive compared to other online K-12 education curriculum,  CSCOPE, school administrators didn’t have to purchase text books. CSCOPE directors vilify text books, describing books as not being able to update every time TEA makes changes in the state standard. CSCOPE, being an online curriculum, could make corrections daily if necessary. For more information about Veteran Teachers Speaking Out Against CSCOPE.

Question: What can Texas Schools Afford to Use to Replace CSCOPE?

FACTS: The 20 ESCs need to step up and announce that the 81st Texas Legislature gave the 20 ESCs over $100 Million dollars to develop materials for Texas Educators with objectives more rigorous than those in CSCOPE. This money was a grant called Rider 42. The Science and ELAR Rider 42 TEKS Academies were prepared and presented in the summer of 2010.

I am not sure how the same 20 ESCs managed to schedule the Free Rider 42 science and ELAR academies for every Texas Teacher as well as all the CSCOPE summer training workshops for 80% of the Texas Schools. Actually, the Free Rider 42 Academy workshops should have taken priority over the CSCOPE workshops–after all the 20 ESCs were paid $50 Million dollars in 2009-2010 and then another $50+ Million in 2011-2012 to develop and present these free TEKS preparation academies. But, the evaluation of the Rider 42 academies(done by UT)  indicated that the 20 ESCs failed to provide any special promotion for these muli-million dollar workshops. The ESCs noted that probably they should have done more than add these multi-million dollar workshops in their catalog. Also, the ESCs commented that maybe they should have advertised these academy workshops earlier in the year so that teachers could plan to attend the summer sessions. WOW! You Think? Actually, someone was thinking and chose not to advertise the Rider 42 academies. Instead, CSCOPE was sold and CSCOPE workshops took priority.

Answer: The 20 ESCs can finally present the Multi-Million dollar Rider 42 PD TEKS Academies.

There is material for Science K-12, 4th, 5-8, and all the EOC sciences materials (Biology, Chemistry, Physics).

Social Studies–This may be the best prepared.



In Fact, the 20 ESCs were paid to develop printed materials for educators–present these hands-on PD materials in sessions called Rider 42 Academies, and then post all the materials on the Project Share Website. Teacher are suppose to have a password to Project Share where they can access this material. Contact your local ESC if you have problems locating this material that you can use instead of CSCOPE. Teachers might also ask their local ESC director:

 Question: Why did the 20 ESCs develop CSCOPE when they were paid $100 + Million dollars to develop Rider 42 TEKS Academy materials? Why have the 20 ESCs kept quiet about the Rider 42 TEKS academy materials?

Note: I requested copies of the Rider 42 TEKS Academy Materials for Science, ELAR, Social Studies and Math. Kerry Ballast at TEA was most helpful and provided me copies of all this material. Thus, I know the material was created and still exists. [Kerry Ballast ]

I suggest that every Texas School District contact their local ESC and schedule Rider academies ASAP. They might ask the CSCOPE director who sold them CSCOPE why they were not notified of the Rider 42 Academy materials.

Note: $6 million dollars was given to the 20 ESCs to develop ELPS material that was introduced in Feb. 2011. I wonder why out of the entire state of Texas less than 15 thousand teachers attended the special Rider 42 ELPS academies? Information about this can be found  at

Rider 42 ELPS academies

I wonder…Does Senator Patrick and Lt. Governor Dewhurst know that all 20 ESCs have been sitting on the fact that they were paid  over $100 million dollar to develop materials and chose to sell CSCOPE instead of providing the free Rider 42 TEKS PD materials?

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